New titles in politics, society and governance from the Ateneo Press

"Elections for Sale" takes a comprehensive look at the causes and consequences of vote buying. Basing their insights andconclusions on studies done in various countries, the authors systematically explore questions like: What exactly is votebuying? What are its underlying causes? Why does it occur insome places but not in others? How does it affect political andeconomic development? Can it be educated or legislated away?This volume is edited by Frederic Schaffer of the Center for International Studies of the Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology.

Father Joaquin Bernas's latest collection of essays showcasinghis wit and sharp intellect revolve around the beleaguered administration of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The volume, consisting of his selected Living Constitution columns, focus onevents that have transpired during her watch, but the main topicsare about the performance of her office. The collection, called"The Troubled Arroyo Presidency," covers the last few days ofthe Estrada presidency, questions about FPJ's citizenship, the Davide impeachment, foreign relations, the elusive search forpeace, the death penalty, executive privilege, the Abu Sayyaf,charter change, and the ouster movement.

"In the Name of Civil Society" by Eva-Lotta Hedman chronicles thehistory of mobilization in the name of civil society, fromNAMFREL in 1953 to People Power II in 2001. The book examines the notion of civil society not as a set of identifiable actorsor interests, but rather a zone where opposing forces play outagainst each other, and where a powerful bloc seeks to perform adominant role.

"Minimizing Corruption" is the second in a series of PhilippineDemocracy Audit reports by Edna Co, Millard Lim, Melissa Jayme-Lao, and Lilibeth Jovita Juan. It takes stock of theextent to which public institutions and the society at largeaddress the problem of corruption by examining the laws, policies, programs, as well as practice and culture, and examines how citizens deal with or even participate incorruption. In the process the book hopes to contribute to the effort of enlightening society about corruption and its meaningfor democracy.

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