SOSE Summer Updates

Hey Guys/Gals!

It’s Dustin, this year’s Chairperson for the School of Science and Engineering. Although we aren’t complete yet since not all of the representatives have been added, I’d like to Officially Welcome all of the members to the SOSE School Board 2007-2008! J

It has been very quiet the past few months since there have been a lot of things that needed be worked on before we even start the school year. Here are some updates that hopefully will be posted when the procedure for the Ateneo Online Bulletin is already fixed.

The past few months, although has been quiet was very hectic for the SOSE School Board Core (Carlo, Pepi, West, Jez, Tan-Tan, Byron, Caloy (Carlos) and I) since we worked on projects which focused on Social Responsibility and more on Team-Building.

1. Sanggunian Formation Seminar 2007 (@ Sta. Catalina Retreat House in Baguio )
This is what the student council does traditionally every year in order for us to get to know one another and to plan the direction of the Sanggunian in the upcoming year. We do this every year to gather our thoughts together and think of projects that would help us students in our very stressful lives in the Ateneo. We still retained the previous year’s Vision and Mission . We decided to focus on three main aspects which all of our projects will be focusing on (Key Result Areas): Student Involvement, Communication/ Dialogue and Information Dissemination. J

2. SOSE Board’s Form/PlanSem (Formation and Planning Seminar)
This was held in Royal Pines, Tagaytay. This was a 3 Day-2 Nights planning and formation session for the SOSE School Board. Well, I really enjoyed this since besides being able to talk about the upcoming projects this year, we were able to get-to-know each other better via fun activities.

3. Tara Lets! Speed-dating and Dinner with the Orgs
This was held in West’s Pad in Ayala Heights . We invited all the SOSE Orgs and two of their officers so that we can get-to-know (via a Dinner and casual Speed-Dating) them better since we plan on working closer with the Cool Organizations this coming year. We introduced a project entitled, “Sali Na!” This project aims to bring together the efforts of the Organizations and Sanggu together by having joint projects. It means that the Sanggunian will work this year with the brilliant projects/ideas of the organizations and make it big time by opening up the project to all of the SOSE Students. Example: Org1 has this cool tech fair which they do every year however most of its efforts are to promote it only for the Org1’s members. Since this project seems that it will benefit more of our SOSE Students if promotions and marketing efforts are wider, Sanggu will step-in to help with the promotions of this project to a wider audience and marketing efforts will double since we (the student council) will help in marketing for the project. Para bang we make a project bigger to cover a bigger audience!

4. Namfrel QC: Bantay Bilang – Quick Count 2007
This project is currently on-going and will start exactly on May 14, 2007 (Monday) – Next week na! I hope you guys signed up for this since we need a large number of volunteers to help out with the counting of votes from more than a million voters within Quezon City . Since I work as the head of marketing and solicitations, the SOSE School Board will be assisting in the operations for the work that will be done in MVP. Syempre, kasama dun ang food management and distribution. Nyaha! :P In the duration of the count, we will often be in MVP and Faura to assist the volunteers if ever you need any help. I hope that we give our full-force support and effort in the quick count since it’s our own way rin of giving back to the country which we belong to. J Oo nga pala, if you weren’t able to sign-up, you can do walk-ins even on graveyard shifts. (Here are the shifts per day: 12-4 am, 4-8 am, 8-12 nn, 12-4 pm, 4-8 pm and 8-12 mn)

Actually, that’s it muna. There’s a lot of work to be done pa this coming year. Like the SOSE Palooza, we hope that it will push through but we really need your support. By the way, just to refresh you guys on what SOSE Palooza is: It ain’t a kissing event for the SOSE Students. It’s a swap-course project exclusively for SOSE. We want sana each of your course and departments to showcase your best features by conducting activities/ classes that other students from other courses will be interested in. Example: BIO meets MIS – BIO does 3D Modeling and MIS does Dissection. We are still fixing the mechanics for this and we are to present this to you guys when we meet for the plenary. So Stay Tuned! J See you in school! J

Dustin C. Balictar™
SOSE Board Chairperson
School of Science and Engineering
Sanggunian - Ateneo de Manila 2007-200809209181755 III BS MIS dustinb@mydestiny. net