The European Legacy: A Lecture by Dr. Rainer Werning

The European Studies Program at Ateneo de Manila University in cooperation with Goethe Institut Manila cordially invites you to "The European Legacy: A Lecture by Dr. Rainer Werning"on 28 June 2007, from 3-430pm, at the Ching Tan Room (SOM 111).

Dr. Rainer Werning, a political scientist and journalist specializing in Southeast Asian affairs, will deliver a lecture on Europe's mark in Philippine history. Topics to be discussed include the colonial ambitions of the German empire in the Eastern Pacific; the presence of Western European merchants, scientists and soldiers in this part ofthe world; the influence of the French Revolution in the Philippine anti-colonial movement, and the development of the image of Europe in the Philippines, among others.
Dr. Werning was born in Muenster (Germany), and studied political science, literature & philosophy at the Universities of Osnabrueckand Muenster and the University of the Philippines (Diliman). He has also done research visits in Tokyo, New York and at the South EastAsia Studies Dept. of the University of Hull (UK).
He is the author of several publications on Southeast Asia and Koreaand of numerous articles which appeared in magazines and dailies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxemburg. Currently, he lectures at Capacity Building International (InWEnt - formerly German Foundation for International Devlopment, DSE) and works for public radio stations in Germany.