The JFM’s “Name That Room Contest”

The JFM’s “Name That Room Contest”
The Japan Foundation Manila’s, long-awaited multi-purpose “SPACE” is finally open!
Primarily, this space will serve not only as the classroom for the teacher training courses and model Japanese courses, but as “the place” where the Nihongo teachers and those aspiring to be Nihongo teachers in the Philippines can visit to further hone their skills through various activities – lectures, seminar-workshops and related projects that address their needs.
Secondly, the venue functions as a reading room for materials about Japan, Japanese Studies and Nihongo. The JFM has increased its collection of books and intends to begin lending some materials soon – about 850 Japanese manga, and 100 J-Pop CD’s have recently been acquired. The “SPACE” will cater to the younger generation - where the youth can gather to experience and appreciate Japanese pop culture.
Thirdly, it is to accommodate various events on Japanese culture – dressing in a kimono, tasting Japanese food, screening of Japanese movies, etc. Non-Japanese speaking individuals are most welcome to enjoy an “instant happy hour” with the long line of cultural activities that are in store for them; also, visitors are encouraged to share interesting thoughts / ideas for the JFM’s forthcoming ‘events’.
The new cool “SPACE”, regardless of its just being 71 square meters, is to be “the home” for the Philippine-based Nihongo Teachers and the growing community of learners of the Japanese Language; … for them to have an interactive venue – acquiring knowledge, exchanging ideas, imparting/sharing expertise and experiences, and perhaps, even realizing dreams…
JFM “ROOM NAMING CONTEST” : Give a Fantastic Name for JFM’s New multi-purpose SPACE on the Ground Floor of the Pacific Star Bldg. Please e-mail entries to: or fax to: (02) 811-6153 together with your Name and Contact Number on or before Friday - August 31, 2007.
A Special Prize will be awarded to the Winner, who will act as the “Godparent” of the Room.
Hiroko Nagai-Yabut, Ph.D.
Japanese Studies Program
3/F Social Sciences Building
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Telefax: 426-6001 local 5248