A Man and His Music by Angel M Pena

You are warmly invited to the launching of "A Man and His Music" by MaestroAngel Peña, on Wednesday, June 13, 4 pm, at the Escaler Hall, SEC Building,Ateneo de Manila University campus.

The launch features performances of Mr Pena's compositions and arrangements bythe following groups: Executives Band, UP Jazz Ensemble, Kasilag Guitar Trio,and Double Bass Trio.

Embodying proficiency and passion for both jazz and classicalmusic, 86-year old Mr. Peña celebrates in this chronicle of hislife his early beginnings as a struggling musician, hisdeparture for foreign shores in search of a more convivialenvironment for his art, and his success in various undertakingsas a committed musician.

All in all he spent 30 years as the well-loved and respected bassplayer and arranger of the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra, andcontinued to compose, arrange, lecture, and perform for most ofthose years. After he returned to the Philippines he taughtyounger musicians both formally and informally, especiallydouble bass players, and collaborated with bothestablished and upcoming artists. A recording of hiscompositions, "Ugnayan," was produced by Gerard Salonga andperformed by the Global Studio Orchestra last year. "Igorot JazzFantasy" and "Iyo Kailan Pa Man" are among the more well-knownpieces in his prolific body of work.

"A Man and His Music," through its author's straightforwardanecdotal style, shows how a life dedicated to a singularpassion can be lived richly and shared generously.

The book will soon be available at the following good bookstores:Fully Booked (756-5001), Popular Bookstore (372-2162), Powerbooks(490-1158), and Solidaridad (523-0870). After the launch, the books maybe bought from the LS bookstore (4266001 loc. 5184) andthe Ateneo Press bookshop (4265984; 4266001 ext 4613;unipress@admu.edu.ph; www.ateneopress.org).

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Music and stories: the notes that haunt usbecause they have become the moods of ourjoys and our sweet sadnesses forever.
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