Sacred Heart Novena Masses at the Gesu

Everybody is invited to
the Novena Masses
in preparation for the
Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The masses will be held
every 6:00 in the evening
at the Sacred Heart Chapel
of the Church of the Gesù.

The novena masses will begin on
06 June 2007, Wednesday
with Fr. Catalino Arevalo, SJ as presider.

This will culminate with a Mass on
the solemnity itself on
15 June 2007, Friday,
6:00 PM at the Main Church.

--------"The pierced side of the Redeemer is the source from which ... we must draw in order to achieve a true knowledge of Jesus, ... understand what it means to know the love of God in Jesus Christ, experience it fixing our gaze on Him, live completely on that experience of His love, and bear witness of it to others.... This mystery of God's love for us not only constitutes the content of veneration and devotion for the Heart of Jesus, it is, in the same way, the content of all true Christian spirituality and devotion.... In fact, being Christian is only possible with our gaze fixed on the cross of our Redeemer."

Letter from Benedict XVI to Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach S.J., superior general of the Society of Jesus
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