Monday, 4 June 2007

POWER: To ensure that back-up power generators are ready when needed, monthly operation of the generators will be conducted with load. There will be power fluctuation when the generator is turned on and off. Affected units will be informed ahead of time so as not to disrupt their operations. This monthly operation of the generator is part of the maintenance procedure.

COMMUNICATION: Upgrading of the PABX is proceeding as scheduled. The plan is to cut over to the new system by Saturday, 9 June. There will be some disruption in but it will be done mostly at night.

To have a common time on campus, we are requesting all units to synchronize their time with Manila Observatory’s Time. For instructions on installing this in your computers, please click:
WATER: All cisterns and overhead tanks in the three campuses have been cleaned, tested and found potable and are ready for the start of classes in June.

SECURITY: The incidence of theft and robbery increases at the start of classes, particularly during registration period. Freshmen have been the favorite targets of crimes listed below:


There have been several cases of snatching along Katipunan. The situation is not rampant but it is nevertheless alarming. In all reported cases, snatching was committed by two men riding motorcycles for a quick getaway. Victims have been mainly females carrying two or more bags.


Thieves in pairs or more would surprise a victim by holding the shoulder (aakbay) of the victim and pointing a knife or a sharp instrument on the side of the victim with the other arm. They thieves would make it appear that they are friends of the victim while they rob him of his wallet, cell phone and other valuables.

Variation of this modus operandi: One of two thieves would accuse a victim of some made-up charges, i.e., insulting a female relation, or of being a member of a fraternity. The victim would generally deny the charge and demand to confront his accuser. The thieves would then demand:

1. To see the ID of the victim. Since the ID usually is kept in the wallet, they will be able to see the money in his wallet.
2. Or check if the victim has a tattoo in the neck. This is to see if the victim has a necklace.
3. Take the victim to confront his accuser. All the victims willingly went with the thieves. Once in an isolated place, the outnumbered victim is robbed of his valuables.

Area of operation: Gate 2.5 Footbridge, along the west side of Katipunan and at PUV stop/waiting area.

Counter measures:

1. Be alert and be aware of your surroundings. Do not read or send sms while crossing the footbridge and while walking along Katipunan.
2. Keep your distance from strangers and suspicious persons.
3. Dormers are advised to go in groups when eating along Katipunan at night.


A team of two to three thieves would gain the confidence of their victim. One or two would get the attention of the victim, while the third would do the stealing. Several offices on campus have been victimized in the last five years.

Area of operation: Offices, fast food eatery, restaurants, and malls.

Counter measures:

1. Entertain visitors in the reception area and do not allow visitors to go behind the work table.
2. Do not leave cell phones, bags, wallets and valuables on top of the table in theoffice.
3. Do not leave the work area unattended.
4. Lock offices during lunch breaks.

Carelessness remains the main cause of losses on campus. The community is encouraged to be vigilant and to be careful of their belongings.

Beware of this woman.
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“VIRGINIA A. SOLIS” was apprehended last 31 January 2007 between the College Chapel and the Gonzaga Hall female toilet by the Quad roving guard. She was recognized by the guard as the same person apprehended for earlier theft on campus.

Two months later she conned a Grade School student in Katipunan in believing that she was a friend of the student’s mother. She managed to get the cell phone by claiming to be talking to the mother. She also took the cash of the boy, allegedly on the instruction of the boy’s mother.

Her other aliases are: Mary Jane Sales Mallari, Cynthia Ilagan and Cynthia de los Reyes with a corresponding ID for each name. She is on the loose and can use another name.
TRAFFIC: It is easier to get the gate pass stickers now than when registration starts next week. Ateneo and affiliated personnel are encouraged to get their stickers now.


A – Always lock all car doors when you park.
N – Never stay inside the car while parked as hoodlums could just point a weapon or gun to you and take your car easily.
T – Take your family members with you when you park.
I – Install safety and alarm devices whenever possible.

C – Check the area for suspicious looking person/s.
A – Always park in well-lighted areas at night.
R – Remove visible valuables inside the car that may tempt hooligans to break in your car and steal not only your valuables but your car as well.
N – Never entrust car keys to anybody or a stranger who could have it duplicated.
A – Avoid and never trust hitch-hikers especially beautiful women. They serve as lovely baits.
P – Park your car in a secured area as much as possible.
P – Provide necessary information to area security if you see suspicious looking persons/s.
I – Install a hidden master switch whenever possible.
N – Never leave your car windows and doors open especially during traffic jams or in crowded areas.
G – Secure and lock garage gates at all times.

D – Drive your car towards crowded area if you are being followed by suspicious looking persons/motorist.
R – Remove vital spare parts like “ROTOR” before leaving your car.
I – Investigate thoroughly applicant-drivers before hiring them.
V – Verify prospective buyers before entrusting a “FOR SALE” car for test-drive purposes.
E – Entrust car keys to the management when leaving it behind.


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