The Doreen Gamboa Fernandez Xtreme Fellowship Awards

THE DOREEN GAMBOA FERNANDEZ Xtreme Fellowship Awards invite nominations for SY 2007-2008

What are the Xtreme Fellowship Awards?

The Doreen Gamboa Fernandez Xtreme Fellowship Awards are annual awards set up to enhance the liberal arts tradition at the Loyola Schools. The awards are given to projects which are undertaken by students outside of their academic requirements of their chosen field of specialization.

Who may be nominated?

Regular undergraduate students who will do the following:

• Preparation of a photo exhibit
• Videographies of popular models, teachers, scientists, etc.
• Survey of a particular aspect of Philippine life and culture
• Choreography and presentation of a dance performance
• Writing, directing, presenting a play or movie
• Sports related short project work eg. Coaching kids in a depressedcommunity
• Starting a non-profit organization focused on liberal concerns
• Summer/one semester internship with a government official for a specificliberal cause or issue, environmental issues, ethnic minorities, etc.

What are the criteria for evaluating the nominations?

A Fellowship Committee will screen the nominations and decide on their merit, including the amount of funding it should receive. The project may be an individual student's or a group's (five or less), or one done in cooperation with a faculty member.

The project should include a faculty adviser or some other form of mentorship acceptable to the Committee.

What are the deadlines?

Application Forms are now available at the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, Second Floor, De La Costa Hall. The duly accomplished Nomination forms are due on or before Friday, 27 July 2007. The Committee will come out with the nominees on or before the 10th of August 2007.