SECURITY BULLETIN - Thursday, 28 June 2007

SECURITY BULLETIN Thursday, 28 June 2007

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Nathaniel Almenor Budy, whose pictures are shown below, was apprehended at 5:20 p.m. last Monday, 25 June while leaving the campus at the footbridge near Gate 2.5.

Nathaniel Almenor Budy
27 years old, married and resident of B2 L25 Area H PH 1 Sapang Palay, Bulacan.

1. He entered the campus at 4:36 p.m. to allegedly complete his enrollment.

2. When accosted by the guard at the SOM Mall for selling a Nokia phone to a sales lady, he claimed to be a student, a scholar and offered to buy the guard beverage but failed to show his ID. When the guard called for assistance, the suspect escaped but was intercepted at the Gate 2.5 pedestrian footbridge.
The Nokia 6101 cell phone he was selling was actually stolen from a sales lady in Robinson Metro East jewelry store earlier in the day. He had gained the confidence of the sales lady for her to hand him P700.00 and her cell phone for a promise to buy several expensive pieces of jewelry. The sales lady even accompanied him to another store in Sta. Lucia where the suspect’s alleged boss was waiting before he disappeared.
Found in the suspect’s possession were:

1. Nokia 6101
2. Motorola L6
3. P1,020.00 cash
4. Three SIM cards
5. Several pawnshop tickets
6. Several jewelry store receipts.

The suspect admitted to:

1. Being a member of Bahala Na Gang.
2. Having been involved in carnapping, snatching, robbery in Naga with allegedly police protection.
3. Having stayed in Muntinglupa for three years as evidenced by his tattoos in the pictures shown below:
The stolen cell phone of the sales lady was returned by campus security to the victim. The suspect was turned over to PNP Precinct 9 where charges will be filed.
The community is requested to be on the lookout for this meek looking conman, snatcher and robber. If seen on campus, please call security immediately.
Another suspected “Salisi” entered the campus at 5:15 p.m. yesterday, 27 June. He claimed to be a dance instructor and wanted to collect full payment for dancing lessons from his students. He had a UP ID strap and a questionable ID. Students in the 2nd floor org room of the MVP Center for Student Leadership found him suspicious and reported him to Loyola Schools’ maintenance personnel. Security was called and the suspect was apprehended.
At the security office, the suspect was recognized as the one who claimed to be a dancer and roaming the P.E. Department last September 2006. He was suspected responsible for losses then.
Gerald Eugenio, 24 resident of Magat Street , MIA Road , Diliman, Quezon City
Found in the possession of the suspect was a Globe SIM card that contained a message from an Ateneo student to a UP student. The UP student was contacted. He confirmed owning the SIM that was stolen with his cell phone. Unfortunately, the UP student did not show up to file charges. The suspect was turned over to Barangay Loyola Heights . It should be noted that the suspect could not dance at the security office when guards asked him to tutor them.
The community is cautioned to be to check change they get from stores. Fake coins from stores along Katipunan have been reported by students.