A Chance to Help...A Call to Help! Please read!

Guys! Good day to you all!

In our current times, majority of the Filipino people are below the poverty line. Unlike us who live comfortable lives, they, on the other hand, worry about eating three square meals a day and how to survive.

Seems impossible, right?

Nope, that's where you're wrong. Uplifting their economic status is possible, although admittedly, it is a very difficult task. That is why there are organization like Hapinoy to help this cause. Hapinoy's main concern is to resolve this problem by giving the less-fortunate a very integral thing that they have been deprived off: opportunity. They do this by opening up a chain of sari-sari stores across the country and setting it off as livelihood programs for the "poor". This doesn't not mean just donating money, but teaching the "poor" on how to survive on their own by giving them their own business. Anyway, currently, there are 1000 stores in the country. Now, to better help our less-fortunate brothers and sisters, they have decided to start an Autoload service (cellphones) . This will surely help them because it will net an income of Php2,500 per month and a total of Php30,000 per year! Unfortunately, after a survey made, 10% of store owners still need cellphones. This is where we come in. We (Jonn Dy, Laurence Go, Kenn Chua, Stefan You, Dal Tan, Pei Di and I) were tasked to help collect cellphone to help this cause. We are in need of 100 cellphones or chargers by this month and an aimed target of 10,000 cellphones in the next three years (because a total of 100,00 stores will be opened). Please! For any donations, please contact me, Brent Ong (09178147571, mailto:brent_ong@yahoo.com) or any of the people stated above.

Please. The ball is in our court now. Its our chance to make a difference in the lives of a less-fortunate yet deserving family. Think about it. A simple cellphone could change the life of someone by a whole lot. It could be the means for them to eat three full meals a day or send their son/daughter to school. See? Such a small price for something really big.

So please, we really hope that you help and support our cause. Think of the lives we can change! Thanks!

Please pass on!