Kritika Kultura Lecture - August 8


Kritika Kultura and the Ateneo de Manila University Press
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Can Communists Laugh?
Melody and Heresy in the Revolution during the Marcos Era
A lecture by
Prof. Patricio N. Abinales
8 August 2007, 4.30-6pm
Natividad Galang Conference Room
Ground Floor, De la Costa Building
Leninist/Maoist organizations are by nature bereft of humor.Understandbly so, given the enormity of their mission to seize and smashthe state and bring about the power of the proletariat. Embedded inLenin's notion of the proletarian vanguard -- a revolutionary who doesnothing but think revolution for 24 hours -- is a grim and determinedoutlook that has no time for the mundane, while Mao's warning that "arevolution is not a dinner party" leaves little room for moments of mirthand idle chatter. But as social historians have shown at the height ofpopular protests, "Bahktinian moments" erupt within the ranks ofrevolutionaries. This presentation tries to introduce some of theproducts of these eruptions, focusing principally on songs that Partybosses considered heretical or "lihis sa linya." A careful examination of these songs, however, are not simply criticisms of the dull dogmatism ofLeninist/Maoist politics but also attempts are indigenizing revolutionarymusic to appeal to a broader public still unschooled in the art andculture of the revolution.
Speaker's Biography
Patricio N. Abinales is professor at the Center for Southeast AsianStudies, Kyoto University . He is co-author of the bookState and Societyin the Philippines (published locally by Anvil and internationally byRowman and Littlefield) and Making Mindanao: Cotabato and Davao in theFormation of the Philippine Nation-State (Ateneo). He is also SoutheastAsia editor of Critical Asian Studies, managing editor of the web-journalKyoto Review on Southeast Asia and member of the international advisoryboard of Philippine Studies , the Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, andKyoto University 's Tonan Aijia Kenkyu journal. He also writes bookreviews for Newsbreak and has two columns: The Recusant with thePhilippine Free Press, and The Separatist, with the web-based Mindanao News.
He is continuing his research on middle class and elite violence in the Philippines , and on a multi-disciplinary mapping of war and peace zonesof Muslim Mindanao. His new research is on the social history of the rat in the Philippines .