Photoworks @ the Garage batch 4 – photography with Leo Castillo

The brainchild of Mr. Leo Castillo, Photoworks is a workshop created based on his studies at the New York Film Academy and the New York Institute of Photography. With his background in film, photography and production, combined with his expertise in training and development, he created Photoworks in 2002--an acclaimed photography class designed to help build a solid foundation on the art and craft of photography. The workshop has produced more than 500 photographers.

Class dates: August 8, 13, 15, 20, 22 and 29
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Class size: 20 slots only
Class fee: PhP4,500

Below are feedbacks from actual participants regarding the course:

"Very good class! Now I'm officially including photography as one of my hobbies."

"Encouraging, not intimidating. Very down to earth approach!"

"The class covered more than what I expected. Very interesting to learn from the creative point of view."

"I finally got to understand all of the things I read from the photography books."

"Compared to previous classes, Photoworks was more fun!"

"Visuals very effective and powerful. Examples on varying lens, aperture and shutter speeds widened my understanding of the many possibilities of photography. "

"It was a very informative class. I initially thought I would only learn about the technical aspects of photography".

"Photo Critiques are very helpful, trains and disciplines 'the eye' of the photographer."

"Approach is simplified and very clear. The experience is liberating! Allows you to express your style freely!"

"Organized, Pinaghandaan, Sulit. Malaman ang Photoworks."

"I found the Photo Projects very challenging but at the same time rewarding. I gained confidence along the way."

"Its my 3rd photography class and yet Leo's approach to the basics of theme, composition and technique gives me a relaxed and simplified perspective of photography. Taking pictures has never been this fun and fulfilling!"


"A good balance between the technical and artistic side. No need to be jittery and tech-freak, just keep going back to theme :)"

"[Leo] was great! Very helpful, very competent and knowledgable. Wasable to make the class fun."

"A class to recommend for all those who want to take up photography."

"Compared to my previous photo classes, I understood the concepts better this time because of the method of instruction used... simpler analogies and examples."

"My hat's off to you, Leo. I've taken two popular photography classes before. but I never fully understood lenses. Ngayon ang linaw na. Ang ganda ng flow from the technical to how to use that info for more creative shots. Day 2 alone is worth the full class fee!"

For more info, please visit, call 4265971 or email . Thanks and God bless to all!