Ateneo CORD's Organization Development

The Ateneo Center for Organization Research and Development
invites you to join the certificate course in
Organization Development
on October 16 – 19 and 22 - 26 , 2007
This nine-day course is directed towards enabling HR professionals and individuals to understand the nature of organizations as developing systems and to hone skills to diagnose and identify appropriate interventions.

Outputs/ Activities
At the end of the program, participants are expected to:
1. Develop an Organization Development Plan
2. Develop a Change Plan

Modular Description
Module I: Role of OD in Strategic Management
This introductory module presents an overview of Human Resource Management and the important role of the HR Executive as a Strategic Manager. Participants will be presented with a study concerning the state of HR in the Philippines in terms of Ulrich’s Four Roles of HR and the trends impacting Philippine organizations today.

Module Ia: Organization Development Overview
This section presents an overview of Organization Development. Through case studies, participants will be oriented with the OD process and values.

Module Ib: Organization as Systems
Participants will be oriented with the different systems and its dynamic relationship that comprise the whole organization. They will learn the Open Systems theory, specifically systems mapping and organization life cycle. At the end of the module participants are expected to come up with a systems map.

Module II: Organization Directions
The ability of an organization to steer itself towards a direction, starts from an effective vision. Through workshops, participants will learn to create a compelling vision and mission statement, translate their vision into measurable outcomes, and learn the impact and implications of business strategies on HR systems and strategies.

Module III: Organizational Diagnosis
In this module, participants will learn the steps in conducting organizational diagnosis. In addition to this, participants are expected to demonstrate skills in conducting organizational diagnosis using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Such methods include surveys, interviews, focused group discussions, and content analysis. Participants will be taught to construct data gathering instruments and also learn to analyze data into a coherent framework.

Module IV: Managing and Evaluating the Change Process
Any intervention will surely affect the different systems in the organization. Through this module, learners will understand the process of change and how to deal with resistance. At the end of this module, participants are expected to come up with a change management plan.

Module V: OD Interventions
In this module, participants will be oriented with various OD interventions. Particularly, interventions on the individual, team, and organization. Participants are expected to identify and evaluate appropriate OD interventions that match the needs of their organization.

Module VI: OD Practitioner
This module will cover the ethics and competencies required of an Organization Development Practitioner.

Individual Presentations on the Last Day

Walter Hogan Conference Center, Ateneo de Manila University

Course Investment
P30,000 per participant inclusive of meals and materials for the whole program.
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