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The eagles take flight on August 30.

For the ancient Greeks, the soul was the animator of the body; it was responsible for what and how we see and feel.

The soul – the animo – then moves us.

The true Atenean, whose name and heritage come from the ancient Greeks, believes in the Animo. The Animo Ateneo. When we shout "One Big Fight" we unknowingly affirm that animo within us. For after all, "One Big Fight" is not just a cheer; it is not even just our battle cry. "One Big Fight" is the Animo Ateneo itself; it is the spirit that animates and moves us.

For the true Atenean, what glorifies us is not the victory but the battle. For the Atenean, it is not win by all means necessary but fight at all costs; "fight without fear of being wounded" as St. Ignatius de Loyola once said. Jose Rizal never saw the end of the Spanish colonization but he did put up a fight through his craft and skill as a writer. Ninoy Aquino died before he could see the end of the Marcos regime but his fight and struggle inspired and continues to inspire Filipinos for countless generations.

We know and see it through different names and means: Magis, Claro M. Recto, Edgar Jopson, Queena Lee-Chua, Chris Tiu and his 3-point shots, The Prayer for Generosity, Larry Fonacier and his legendary blocks, William Panlilio's legendary debates, reviewing for Fr. Dacanay's orals, cura personalis. All of these are rooted in our animo, the spirit of the fighter, the desire to move, to move with the world and to move the world.

This is the Animo Ateneo.
This is the Ateneo way.