Medical Insurance Update

5 October 2007

TO : University Community
(HMO Members)

FROM : Ms. Imelda G. Nibungco
Personnel Director

Expanded Benefits

Please be informed of the following changes in the benefits provided underour health insurance plan.
1. Out-Patient Tests
Confirmatory tests such as MRI, CT scan, Thallium tests and
the like, done on an Out-patient basis will be treated as
In-patient claims. There will be a cumulative cap of
Php 20,000.00 per year per member for these procedures.
2. Emergency Cases
Emergency treatment due to vehicular accidents or
accidental body injury related cases will be charged to
In-patient benefits. Prerequisite procedures or
documentation required for emergency cases, like LOA's,
police reports and medical certification of attending
physician should be submitted within 2 days
after the availment. These requirements will
substantiate the claim for emergency treatment.
3. Specialist Fees
Each member shall be entitled to a Specialist's fee
benefit of Php 1,200.00/per day per Specialist,
regardless of the number of specialists and days the
patient is confined. This is subject to an aggregate
maximum of Php 12,000.00 per confinement.
4. Prenatal and Postnatal consultation Outside the Network
Prenatal and postnatal consultations availed outside the
network facility can be reimbursed, subject to the
limits of the Plan.

We are continuously monitoring the use of our health insurance plan.Should you have any problems/concerns regarding the use or availment ofour health care benefit, do let us know. A Health Care Feedback Formlocated at the subsection of the Personnel Office website may be accessedfor your convenience or click on the URL below:

Personnel Director