COA Culminating Night Recruitment: COA Culminating Night Wants You!!!

Let us reward the hard work and success of every organization not just with awards but with a full blast culminating event to celebrate and simply relax and finally have fun after a school year. To make this happen, we need help in the log, programs and marketing committee.

If you answered are interested to be a PART of this culminating event…

COA Culminating Night
is now recruiting members in the following committee:
A. Marketing Head
B. Log Committee
C. Programs Committee
If you are interested, please fill out the application form below and send to and

COA Culminating Night Application Form
Year & Course
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Interested in Applying for:
o Marketing Head o Programs Committee o Logistics Committee
For Programs Committee:
Interested in helping out in:
o Performers o Video Directing
o Awards and Give-aways o Side Activities
Have you had any experience working for a project before? o Yes o No
As What?:
Specific Tasks:
Can you recommend anyone else? If yes, who?

A. Marketing Head

The Marketing Head will be in charge of tapping external sources regarding sponsorship of the event. Also, the marketing head will also work hand in hand with the Project Co-Head regarding the promotions of the event.
We need someone who is lively, knows how to market, responsible and willing to work and basically wants to have fun!
B. Logistics Committee

The Logistics Committee of the COA Culminating Night will be in charge of looking for the best venue for the event and arranging the layout. The committee will also be responsible for borrowing the necessary equipment and ensuring it will be used and returned properly.
We need people who are energetic, organized and responsible to come join our team!

C. Programs Committee

The Programs Committee of the COA Culminating Night will be in charge of the happening in the event itself. This includes not just a program that is loaded with lots of engaging activities, entertaining performances, cool awarding ceremonies, and funny videos but ALSO the lights, possible sideline program to make the event as lively as possible.
We need people especially creative, innovative, energetic, and passionate people to come join our team.