SITUATION REPORT - Monday, 19 November 2007

SITUATION REPORTMonday, 19 November 2007
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POWER: One of three cut-out fuses gave way at the Blue Eagle Gym resulting in single phasing at 10:00 a.m. last Friday, 16 November. To replace the high voltage cut-out fuse, an outage in the Balara grid was necessary. Rather than disrupt classes in the Grade School, Department of Communications building, P.E. / College Covered Courts, and the Blue Eagle Gym, as well as operations of Manila Observatory, the Blue Eagle Gym generator was activated from 10:00 a.m. till 6:30 p.m.

The outage in the Balara grid was done after the activities of the affected units at 6:30 till 7:20 p.m. to replace the Blue Eagle Gym’s cut-out fuses.

WATER: Test results for the SEC A overhead tank, MVP cistern and MVP overhead tank were released by the Microbiology Laboratory of the Biology Department last Friday, 16 November. The report reads:

*“All samples conform to the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water with regard to coliform bacteria. However, non-coliform bacteria were detected in all water samples. It is recommended that water from these sources be boiled first (for at least 20 minutes) before human consumption. It is also advised that the cisterns/water lines connected to these sources be cleaned.”

Test results for other samples will be released this week. The results will be posted in a Water Bulletin immediately.

SECURITY: A senior LS faculty member reported a new modus operandi used by con artists along Katipunan. A stranger would approach residents of Loyola Heights claiming to be one of the garbage crew collecting garbage in the area. Once entertained, the conman would relate a “sad story” and ultimately ask for assistance. The problem is that this happens in a part of the road that is isolated. The conman could turn robber if his request for assistance is not granted. The community is advised to avoid talking to or entertaining “friendly strangers” off campus.

Another security concern is the small boys at the footbridge on the side of National Bookstore. Pedestrians have complained of the increase in the number of boys begging for money from pedestrians. Female pedestrians wearing skirts also complained of being harassed by these boys.

This problem has been reported to Barangay Loyola Heights officials and to the PNP Community Precinct. To protect the community, campus security has been directed to assign a guard in the footbridge until the end of classes this December.

Lost/misplaced, found and returned:

*SG RUBEN P YANSON returning bag with iPod and cash last Monday, 12 November at Xavier Hall lobby.
*SG JEFFREY C BALLESTER returning wallet with cash, driver’s license and assorted cards last Tuesday, 13 November. The wallet was recovered by SG ANSELMO R NARCISO at the College Covered Courts.
*SSG CELSO S AGUINO returning cell phone last Tuesday, 13 November. SG JUANITO S ANDALLON recovered two cell phones on the concrete bench in Quad 3. No picture was taken of the owner of the other recovered phone.

Fire Drill: The Residence Halls conducted a Fire Drill with the Intel School Emergency Response Team (SERT) last Saturday, 17 November. It was very successful as it uncovered deficiencies that can be rectified.

It was noted during the drill that a fire alarm manual pull station did not function. It was also noted that the alarm was weak and could not be heard. One of the pull stations had an improvised insulator to prevent it from prematurely sounding the alarm. All these deficiencies will be corrected.

TRAFFIC: Two accidents occurred last Thursday, 15 November, along Katipunan. At 6:30 a.m. a northbound SUV rammed the gutter at the no sticker lane of Gate 3. The driver, an Ateneo alumnus, must have fallen asleep coming from an all night party. He was not hurt. Then at 8:00 a.m. during the heavy rains, a three car collision occurred before the U-turn slot under the pedestrian footbridge near Gate 2.5.

Dog Registration: As of Saturday, 10 November, approximately 86 dogs have been registered with campus security.


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