SITUATION REPORT - Tuesday, 30 October 2007

SITUATION REPORTTuesday, 30 October 2007
The Situation Report of 30 October 2007 , with relevant photos, is posted at
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POWER: The 100 KVA transformer of Loyola School of Theology that malfunctioned several weeks ago has been repaired and installed last Sunday, 28 October 2007.

COMMUNICATION: The PABX directory posted in the Web page has been updated.

Loyola Schools:
High School:
Grade School:
Ateneo Professional Schools:
Central Administration:
Auxilliary Units:
Affiliated Units:

WATER: Samples were taken from 29 cisterns and overhead tanks last 18 October for the 3rd quarter potability tests at the Department of Biology of the School of Science and Engineering. The test results found samples from 3 locations with fecal coliform bacteria. Samples from 18 cisterns and overhead tanks were recommended for cleaning. These are scheduled for cleaning during the semestral break.

1. LST Overhead tank
2. Grade School main cistern
3. Grade 4 wing overhead tank
4. Main cistern
5. Alingal OIP overhead tank
6. Alingal overhead tank
7. Pollock overhead tank
8. Faculty housing cistern
9. LHS overhead tank A
10.LHS overhead tank B
11. Eliazo cistern
12. Cervini cistern
13. Matteo Ricci
14. EAPI cistern
15. SEC A overhead tank
16. APS Rockwell cistern tank
17. APS Salcedo cistern tank
18. Salcedo overhead tanks A
19. Salcedo overhead tank B
20. MVP overhead tank
21. Social Development Complex

SECURITY: A Loyola Schools maintenance personnel detected marijuana smoke inside the male comfort room on the 3rd floor of Leong Hall last Saturday, 27 October. Investigation revealed that one of the workers hired to assist in the transfer of the offices from the Social Science building to Leong Hall had used the cubicle. The worker involved was identified and confronted by his supervisor. He admitted smoking marijuana inside the cubicle. He was dismissed on the spot by the contractor before campus security was informed of the incident.

VIRGILIO V. RAMOS is banned on campus.

There are seven contractors in Loyola Heights campus with approximately 131 workers during the semestral break.

Lost & Found: At 4:00 p.m. last Tuesday, roving guard SG Noniel B Cadayona found an unattended backpack containing an Apple iBook and paraphernalia at the ground floor of JG SOM. Fortunately the owner’s ID was attached to the backpack. Security called the owner who was already home. The owner thought his classmate had taken his computer for him.

Pictures of trapped stray cats and dog on campus. Since they have not been claimed by their owners, they will be turned over to the Veterinary Office of Marikina City.

MAINTENANCE: Road repairs and improvement being done during the term break at the Loyola Heights campus.

Widening Entrance & Exit at West Carpark
Pot holes along the diversion road (parallel to Katipunan from Gate 2 to Gate3) before and after being patched-up over the weekend.
Repair of central carpark access road and Gonzaga carpark.
The pedestal of another street light is being constructed across the entrance to Leong Hall between University Road and the auxiliary road to Gate 3.5. Work is ongoing on the upgrading of Rizal Library’s transformer scheduled to be completed by December 2007.


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