KK Lecture: Delmendo on American Guerilla in the Phils.


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Department of English

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"You Wear It Like a Native":
(E)Racing Resistance in American Guerrilla in the Philippines"



3 Dec. 2007
Monday, 4.30-6.00 p.m.
Faura AVR, Faura Building
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Iliff David Richardson was one of the "Expendables," American servicemen leftbehind in the Philippines following US surrenders in 1942. Rather thansurrender to the Japanese, Richardson joined Colonel Ruperto Kangleon's Leyteguerrillas and gathered intelligence for Macarthur in Australia. PulitzerPrize winning war correspondent Ira Wolfert novelized Richardson's adventuresin American Guerrilla in the Philippines, which became a bestseller in 1945and a film of the same name in 1950. Both the book and film were touted fortheir unflinching realism, and 20th Century-Fox went to great expense to shooton location in the Philippines. But through a long script developmentprocess, the Filipinos' agency, military and civilian, in the resistanceagainst the Japanese was obscured almost completely. This presentation willexamine American Guerrilla in the Philippines' journey from bestselling bookto silver screen, including input from the US Office of War Information andFilipino protests over their marginalization in the film. However, in theinterest of greater depth and detail, the lecture will focus mainly on thefilm’s handling of the hero's love interest, a Filipina.

Dr. Sharon Delmendo is Professor of the English Department, St. John FisherCollege, Rochester, NewYork where she teaches American and MulticulturalLiterature. Her areas of specialization include Nineteenth and TwentiethCentury American Literature, Multiculturalism and Ethnic Studies, GenderStudies, and Philippine-American Studies. Among her best known works is TheStar Entangled Banner: 100 Years of America in the Philippines published byRutgers University Press in 2004 while the Philippine edition was published bythe University of the Philippines Press in 2005. The American edition of thebook was awarded an Honorable Mention for a Historical Book by the Associationof Asian American Studies (AAAS). She was a recipient of the Trustees'Distinguished Scholar Award, St. John Fisher College in 2006. The currentpresentation is part of her current book project, a study of World War IIfilms set in the Philippines entitled Pacific Theater: Reel War in thePhilippines,1942-1950

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