1. Use food containers and utensils from AMPC (You can ask them!) instead of eating from styrofoam or plastic utensils .
Heated Styrofoam particles turn into fat. Fat is soluble with food . EWW.

2. Turn off the lights and fans when leaving a room or when not in use.
More electricity = more burning of fossil fuels = bad for environment

3. Segregate.
Green and black are the new primary colors.

4. Carpool.
Cause cute boys and cute girls live in the same village.

5. Use both sides of all papers.
So that's the use of all those papers!

6. Flush wisely .
There are separate ways to dump 1 and 2.

7. Buy just enough food.
20% of the food we buy gets thrown away. Just enough = less waste = more money

8. Keep the air-conditioned rooms closed.
One word: Thermostat .

9. Using the Moro treadmill can cost P 2,000, but jogging up the track costs P 20.
Do the math.

10. Keep your old notes .
Notes from are meant to be handed down to doomed lower class men.

11. Hairspray out, hairgel in. Hairgel out, ruffled-hair-from-bed look in.
What's up with those chems that destroy the ozone anyway?

12. OHP is so old school (and costs too much energy). PPT rocks .
Click me baby one more time!

13. Reusables are the new Havaianas . Everyone has to have them.
Durable refillable pens and highlighters are available in National Bookstore (MyGel, Faster, Pilot)

14. Fast food in plastic and styro makes you fat fast!
Max's Restaurant has freebies for Ateneans!

15. Sell your trash . Seriously. ( Mang Mario: 09193776842, Mila's Junkshop: 09209062265 )
Tons of paper + truckload of cans = iPod video.

Please forward this email to let your fellow Ateneans know 15 effective ways to save the environment. Thank you!

Maria Cristina I. dela Paz

Ericson John Pacaba

Faith Therese T. Raagas