SOSS Freshmen Power Dinner

Have you ever wanted a chance to talk with the people who've done wonders in your field of interest?
Have you ever missed that opportunity because you felt they were too out of reach?


A chance to ask all those questions.
A chance to get to the deeper meaning.
A chance to find out how they did it.
A chance to find out how YOU can do it.

The SOSS Freshmen Power Dinner (SFPD) is a one night event where students will have a chance to dine with 6 established speakers from the fields of Media, Politics, Law, Medicine and Business. This event will be held on the 25th of January, Friday 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the MVP Roofdeck. Only 10 students per speaker will be accommodated. Slot reservation and entrance fee is 250 pesos.
For reservations and information, do not hesitate to approach your block representative.

Brought to you by the School Of Social Sciences Freshmen School Board
Hannah Sabrina B. Cocos 0915.432.30. 59