TUGON's Enough Abuse Campaign

"Still, he was smarter than two little girls,

and he didn't seem to mind sticking his hands inside my pants

even when there were other children present."

Child sexual abuse is an issue that is avoided as much as possible, because it is something that most people cannot bear to talk about. But because we stay quiet, victims continue to live their lives hiding in shame, pain, and fear. Because we tolerate it, children will grow up thinking that this kind of life is what they deserve.

The goal of Tugon's Enough Abuse Campaign is to put an end to this silent epidemic. Through our campaign, we will let the Ateneo community into the minds of those who have been sexually abused. Without sugarcoating their experiences, we will let you into the harsh realities that they have to go through every single day.

From February 11-15, get yourself informed and involved.

- Visit our exhibit in MVP Basement.

- Buy an Enough Abuse wristband for Php 50 from Kostka Extension.

- Go to SOM 210 on Feb. 13 to learn what really goes on in the lives of these girls.

It's time to put an end to the silent epidemic.

It's time to say ENOUGH ABUSE.

Support TUGON's campaign against child sexual abuse.