ACED brings forth good news through "The Pen"!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Good News! The Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED) is embarking on
a great journey to its 10th year anniversary to be held on February 2007.

ACED's battle cry for its 10th year anniversary is "A Celebration of Education
and Dedication". As preparation for the momentous occasion, ACED'S aspiration
for SY 2006-2007 is to be come most visible to the Ateneo community. In order
to realize this feat, ACED is reviving its official newsletter, The Public
Education Network (The PEN). Every 3rd Monday of the month, ACED will be
pronouncing the good news of quality education and genuine dedication.

This new and improved version will center on the meaningful success stories of
ACED's vital projects, its funding partners, schools and amazing volunteers!

THE PEN June 2006: Brigada Eskwela

BEcoming BEacons of Public Education
(A Celebration of Brigada Eskwela 2006)
Joel Mark B. Barredo

"...In 2003, The DepED launched Brigada Eskwela was realized to encourage and
enable Filipino communities to take part in the improvement and maintenance of
school facilities. It was deemed as a long-awaited call to a string of dismal
issues and problems facing Philippine public schools.

ACED has been involved with the Brigada Eskwela programs in its partner schools
at Payatas. This year, ACED led the Ateneo Brigada Eskwela in Payatas C
Elementary School (May 13), Payatas B Annex Elementary School (May 17) and
Lupang Pangako Elementary School (May 18)...After the Brigada experience, ACED
received feedbacks from our awesome volunteers...

...Ms. Aileen Francisco immediately answered when asked about her immediate
impression of Payatas C Elementary School (PCES), "Parang nakakasuka talaga ang
baho, muntik na nga akong mag -back out". But when she saw her persistent co-
volunteers and members of the community doing all the painting and cleaning of
classrooms--she deemed that one must ignore these ill-realities and must
concentrate on the cause of helping the school improve...

..When the team led by Mr. Tim Gabuna and Mr. Mon Bunag, got the invitation for
the Brigada Eskwela participation, they never had second thoughts in sending a
positive reply. Mr. Gabuna believes part of the continuing development of the
Ateneo employee is to be able to be passionately involved in social action..."

For full details of this article, click on this link:

For more amazing BRIGADA ESKWELA pictures, click on this link:

Please allow us to thank the awesome men & women who shared their precious time
and energy for this meaningful event:

Ms. Tin Aguilar (OSCI)
Ms. Debbie Bautista (LS Math Department)
Mr. Mico Candelaria (AGS 4-Yakan)
Mr. Xavier Candelaria (AGS 1-Ipil)
Ms. Sunday Capistrano
Ms. Jing Dizon (BS '98)
Ms. Aileen Francisco (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas)
Ms. Jam Galindo (AB IS '08)
Mr. Ian Layno (AB PoS '07)
Mr. Jez Pagtama (AB Ec '08)
Mr. Rior Santos (OB Montessori)
Mr. Anne Tolentino (AB PoS '07)
Mr. Art Torneo (OSCI)
Mr. Peter Torneo (OSCI)
750th CG, NCRCOM, Phil. Air Force
Globe Telecoms Employees Volunteers (GT Eskwela Program)

Residence Halls Brigade
Mr. Tim Gabuna
Mr. Mon Bunag

Mr. Joff Arosco
Mr. Jimmy Aquino Jr.
Ms. Bonna Baitan
Mr. Mateo Enano
Mr. Ed Enriquez
Ms. Tess Espada
Mr. Toto Magallanes Jr.
Mr. Ver Panogadia
Ms. Arling Paterno
Mr. Willie Rosario
Ms. Gigi Tacis

We would also like to graciously thank our magnificent sponsors:

Ms. Vina Relucio
Ms. Christina Barzabal and the Central Purchasing Office
Dr. Fabian Dayrit and the School of Science and Engineering
Dr. Leovino Garcia and the School of Humanities
Ms. Jeng Dizon (BS '98)
Mrs. Lilian Vergara (OMIOD)
Ms. Josie Loveranes (HS Testing Office)
Ms. Ritchelle Lim (LS Alumna)
Anonymous Donor--Rehabilitation of 15 blackboards at PCES
Globe Telecoms

For those who have been participants and volunteers of past ACED projects, we
hope to hear from you. Please share with us your wonderful stories; you may
write a short article for The Pen or even share with us your memorable pictures
with ACED! Please e-mail us at or

Maraming Salamat Kaibigan!

Anne Lan Kagahastian-Candelaria Telephone: 426-6001 loc 4018
Director Telefax: 426-5693
Ateneo Center for Educational Development
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108


The Association of I.S. Majors Brings You...
You've Seen the Ads, You've Heard the Buzz
Now, Find Out What It's All About!!
June 21, 2006 (Wednesday, tomorrow)
4:30-6:00pm At SecLec2 (SecB201)

DSWS Carpool Advisory

Carpool Services now available at the DSWS office!
Save gas! Make friends! Ease traffic! Guaranteed parking in the Ateneo!
Avail of special discounts!
Loyalty discount:
- for those carpools that existed last year
- 10php for the sticker
Newbie discount:
- new group, new area
- free stickers if group has 10 members or more
Org discount:
- members must belong to one organization (certification required)
- free stickers if group has 3 members or more
Carpool heads needed for these areas:
- Makati
- Ortigas
- Cubao
- Sucat
Existing groups, please go to the DSWS office as soon as possible, if you’re reregistering this year
- Alabang
- BF
- Valle Verde 5
Submission of documents and application is only up to July 14!
For more inquiries, please go to the DSWS office at MVP101 1st floor.

Sanggunian GA on Cha-Cha

21 June 2006
From: Luis Andres Abad, Sanggunian President
Ging-Llanos Dee, Chair of the Committee on Social Concern and Involvement
Lizzie Garilao, Committee on Social Concern and Involvement
Karl Satinitigan, Committee on Social Concern and Involvement
For: _____________________
Discussion on CHARTER CHANGE and the Atenean Student Leader
JUN 28 (WED)
4:15 PM to 6:00 PM
The Committee on Social Concern and Involvement would like to invite you to participate in:
1st General Assembly of the Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng mga Paaralang Loyola ng Ateneo de Manila Block and Course Representatives
on 28 June 2006, Wednesday, 415-600 PM
at CTC 105.
In these moments of confusion and uncertainty, it is only fitting that we, as a community of Atenean student leaders, reflect on and discern the kind of response that the present dilemma asks from us as a Catholic, Jesuit, and Filipino University. We hope that you can join in enriching this collective undertaking by sharing your thoughts on the present issue that hound our nation.

Become a Student Judicial Court Prosecutor!

What is The Student Judicial Court?
Formerly known as the Judicial Council, "The Student Judicial Court is the judicial arm of the Sanggunian that hears and resolves any complaint involving the constitutionality, legality, or jurisdiction of the acts, policies of Sanggunian officials."
Think of it as our own impeachment court, where you can file complaints against your Sanggunian officers when they don't perform their duties.
The SJC makes YOUR Sanggunian ACCOUNTABLE!

Freshmen Math Orientation Seminar

Have you heard of "RESECTIONING" in your Math classes?
RESECTIONING is done after you take your diagnostic exams for Math 1/11, and Math 18.
  • If you're currently taking up Math 1 or the basic track and fortunately pass the diagnostic exam, you will be transferred to a Math 11 class. (In short, HINDI KA NA BASIC! Hooray!)
  • If you're currently in Math11, and you passed the diagnostic exam, magaling ka! You will be retained in Math 11. But when you unfortunately fail the diagnostic exam you'll be transferred to a Math 1 class.
  • If you're currently in Math 18a&b (6 units),and you unfortunately fail your first two long tests, you will be transferred to Math 18a (3 units), which is a slower track.
Find out what it takes to survive Ateneo math!
When: June 26, 2006 (Monday) 4:30-6:00PM
Where: SSAVR for math18a&b students
SECLEC2 and SECLEC3 for math1 and math11 students
You will hear tips and information from former students and Math teachers thamselves. Plus, sample diagnostic exams for ma1/11 and sample long tests for ma18 will be given away to help you prepare for the upcoming tests.
Don't let math ruin your college life!
Avoid basic track. Attend FMOS 2006.
brought to you by:
Ateneo Mathematics Society
AdMU College Mathematics Department
If there are any problems, please feel free to contact:
Malerie Dy
Project Head
Harley Chan
Project Head

Jelline M. Sanchez
AMS APO COSA OrSem 2006 Finance

Ateneo de Manila University

DSWS Booksale and Locker Registration

DSWS : Department of Student Welfare and Services
"Doing Service with a Smile"

I. DSWS Booksale:
The image
Sell your books at the prices you want
Buy your books at the prices you need

When: June 21-30
Where: Book Sale (buy at) - Kostka Extension
Consigning (sell at) - DSWS (MVP room 101)

II. Locker Registration

The image
Tired of carrying all your things to school?
Sign up for a locker!

Locker Reg in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Get your locker contract at the DSWS (MVP room101) starting June 26

Step 2: Fill it up and pay the P40 fee at the cashier

Step 3: Sign up for your desired locker venue at SS Foyer from July 3-7. Each day is reserved for lockers in a particular hall:

*venue: SS Foyer; time: 9:30-2:30

DATE Locker Area
July 3 -- Berchmans Hall
July 4 -- Kostka Hall
July 5 -- Sec A
July 6 -- Sec C
July 7 -- all

ID releasing schedule

Venue: 2nd Floor, Gonzaga Building, Function Room A
Time: 8.30am-4.30pm

JUNE 26 (MONDAY): Sophomores
JUNE 27 (TUESDAY): Seniors
JUNE 28 (WEDNESDAY): Juniors
JUNE 29 (THURSDAY): Freshmen

You need to bring ONE of the following:
1. Student ID CLAIM STUB, or
2. Tuition Receipt Form (1st sem 06-07)

GRADUATE SCHOOL STUDENTS can claim their IDs at the ADSA Office Windows
(15&16) at Xavier Hall.

IDs of LATE REGISTRANTS will be available AFTER June 29

IAC Volleyball and Futsal Registration from June 26 to June 30 at Horacio Dela Costa Consultation Rooms 1 and 2

Who: IAC
What: Volleyball and Futsal Registration
Where: Horacio Dela Costa Consultation Rooms
When: June 26 to June 30, 2006
Why: To meet friends and have fun!
*Application forms are available at the IAC boards, located at the entrance of the cafeteria and at the entrance of the college covered courts.

Sneak preview the all-new It's not radically different. Just radically better.


Experience Ateneo life lika an Atenean should: Join an Org.


Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football ’06 - Go with the leader. Start your league today!



The Ateneo Art Gallery, the country's premier museum of modern Philippine
art, together with Smart Infinity, Metro Society, Y Style, Rockwell Land
and Power Plant Mall, are proud to announce the twelve artists
short-listed for the 2006 Ateneo Art Awards. They are:

RONALD ANADING for "Anonymity," Finale Art Gallery, 18 - 30 August 2005.

YASON BANAL for "18 Stations to Death and Dementia," Silver Lens Gallery,
23 August - 14 September 2005.

LENA COBANGBANG for "All that Heaven Allows," Finale Art Gallery, 4 - 16
August 2005.

MARINA CRUZ for "Kambal," Boston Gallery, 27 May - June 2005.

MIDEO CRUZ for "Banquet," Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo, Cultural Center of
the Philippines, 2 February - April 2006.

ANTON DEL CASTILLO for "Under One Roof," Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo,
Cultural Center of the Philippines, 17 November - 31 December 2005.

BEMBOL DELA CRUZ for "The History of Things," Mag:Net ABS-CBN, 4 - 30
April 2006.

MAYA MUÑOZ for "Closer," Hiraya Gallery, 8 - 30 April 2006.

WAWI NAVARROZA for "Polysaccharide: The Dollhouse Drama," Blacksoup
Project Artspace, 11 June - 31 July 2005.

RODEL TAPAYA for "Lunan," Boston Gallery, 23 July - 17 August 2005.

JAY TICAR for "Pressure Points," Mag:Net ABS-CBN, 26 July - 13 August

JEVIJOE VITUG for "Lessons from the Masters," Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo,
Cultural Center of the Philippines, 22 September - 6 November 2005.

The twelve artists were selected by the 2006 Ateneo Art Awards Jury from
over seventy nominations. Each artist, a Filipino citizen, 35 years or
under on or before 31 May 2006, was nominated for a solo or group
exhibition held in any public venue between 2 May 2005 and 1 May 2006.

From the short-list, the Jury will deliberate on 21 June 2006 to determine
the three recipients of the Awards. The winners will then be announced on
8 August 2006 at a formal ceremony at the Rockwell Tent following "2006
Ateneo Art Awards: Outbound," an exhibition of the works of the
short-listed artists at Power Plant Mall from 1 - 6 August 2006.

One of the 2006 Ateneo Art Awards winners will be chosen for the Ateneo
Art Gallery Sydney Studio Residency Grant, which provides the selected
artist with roundtrip airfare, accommodation and a work studio for three
weeks, an allowance, as well as an invitation to exhibit at The Cross Art
Projects, a leading alternative art space in the city. The final selection
from among the three winners shall be made by the Sydney gallery, which
will also be announced during the Awards ceremony.

To view images of the works of the short-listed artists, the short-listing
guidelines, and the names of the members of this year's Jury, please
direct your browser to the Ateneo Art Gallery website:

The Ateneo Art Gallery expresses its profound appreciation to all of those
who submitted nominations this year.

For further information on the Ateneo Art Awards, please contact Clarissa
Chikiamco, 2006 Ateneo Art Awards Project Coordinator, at 426-6488 or at

Correction regarding ateneo badminton team tryouts

Sorry for the short notice but the Ateneo Badminton Team Tryouts is MOVE to June 24 rather than June 17. All details remain thesame except for the change of date.
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We thank the thousands of Ateneans (students, faculty, alumni, staff, parents, friends) for your genuine participation and trust in our work of nation-building.
Today, as we witness the 3rd year of Gawad Kalinga unfold, we continue to fight the war against poverty and divisiveness in our homeland The Philippines.
Come join the GK CONGRESS to be held on June 17, 2006 at PHILSPORTS Complex (ULTRA) from 1pm to 5pm!
Honoring our corporate partners for their continuing commitment
Recognizing examples set by individuals who have gone beyond borders and barriers to build hope and communities
Sharing best models of GK work
Launching new pillars: GK and TOURISM, GK and PRODUCTIVITY
The Ateneo Contingent will meet at the (Admin Bldg) Xavier Hall at 11:45am and return before 7pm.
Seats are first come-first served; PLEASE REPLY or CALL 426-6001 loc 5024 to register. Look for Leonard.
See you there!
Land for the landless, home for the homeless, food for the hungry, water for the thirst, and light to those in darkness! (outreach section)


Stories at

o La Viña is new dean of School of Government
o JGSOM students win business plan competition anew
o Ateneo Glee Club to compete in Europe
o Biology prof wins NAST-DuPont Talent Search for Young Scientists
o Thankful for the MAGIS
o A peek at cafeteria food finds

o Ateneo Blue Repertory presents 'Stages of Love'
o Ateneo Press holds annual book sale June 19-30
o Entablado launches alumni association
Check out ‘This Week at the Ateneo’ for weekly campus activities. We welcome news, features, and announcements from the Ateneo community. Please send your materials to or

AMPC Cafeteria Hours

starting June 19, 2006

6:30 AM - 7 PM
7 AM - 2 PM


9 - 11 AM
4 - 8 PM

Katipunan Footbridge Update

15 June 2006


Yes, as the large Mayor Belmonte streamer on Katipunan across the Barangay proclaims,
our long-awaited Katipunan Footbridge is on the rise!
After speaking to the DPOS (Department of Public Order and Safety) and to the Office of the City Mayor, I got the following information:
  • The Footbridge itself is being fabricated in Bulacan
  • The Bridge should be up on Katipuunan within thirty days
So, folks, we can soon celebrate! We shall party!
Thanks to all of you who supported the signature campaign, wrote or called officials concerned, attended meetings at City Hall, or simply cheered us on.
Mabuhay to all who shall use the bridge or who have loved ones, friends, relatives, or colleagues for whom you helped to have that bridge built!

blueREP presents STAGES OF LOVE

Ateneo Blue Repertory kicks off its 15th year with an intimate musical act that is sure to warm the hearts of audiences as it explores and recalls the joys of precious first kisses, nerve-wracking first dates and epic first loves.

An amalgamation of well-loved OPM hits, Broadway classics and contemporary favorites that have come to touch our hearts through the years, STAGES OF LOVE follows the story of 5 couples as they journey through the crazy, entangled complexities of relationships and eventually discover their own definitions of love.

With musical arrangement and direction by Rony Fortich, the man behind the musical direction of Actor's Actor's Inc.'s "Once On This Island," and Trumpets’ “Honk” and “Noah’s Big Boat,” STAGES OF LOVE was originally conceptualized as a concert that featured musical theater artists, Roy Rolloda, Lana Jalosjos, Noel Rayos, and Jennie Nuyda.

Show Details:June 30 / July 1 / July 7 / July 85pm & 7pm
Venue: Fine Arts Theater 3rd Floor Gonzaga Building Ateneo de Manila University
Tickets are at just PhP 100 each!
Text or call Rana at 0918-9155967 for inquiries.

Cartwheel in the Ateneo

CARTWHEEL in the Ateneo is an unaccredited organization that serves for awareness and advocacy of the Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines. The org aims to adress the pressing concern about the alarming ignorance of many students towards IPs. It is very sad to note that many students still does not know much about IPs and many are even naive about their unique existence.

With support from OSCI and the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, CARTWHEEL IN THE ATENEO is born. As the daughter organization of the CARTWHEEL FOUNDATION INC., the organization envisions a school community where students are aware and understanding of the concerns of the Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines, open-minded and respectful to diversity, and equipped with the right knowledge on how to approach the issues regarding Indigenous Peoples so that they can be responsive and responsible agents of social development. This can be possible by activities such as reach out and exposure, helping in simple cultural/anthropological research and promoting advocacy and awareness.

Right now, CARTWHEEL IN THE ATENEO is in the process of completing its core founding group and drafting the necessary requirements for accreditation. And YOU (and your friends) are invited to join Orientation 2 at the Eliazo Basement Extention, Friday, 9 June 2006, 2-5pm.. FREE PIZZA! (pizza lang...) if you are interested to know more about the organization and get to know the IPs and take part in making our cause into reality.

In behalf of the existing 'Council of Founders',

Ronald P. Panaligan (3 AB DS)
Provisionary Coordinating Head

Applications for InTACT Student Assistants

Applications are now ongoing.
For more information, please contact
Christopher F. Castillo
Program Coordinator
Office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs
426-6001 loc. 5023

Submission Instructions
Attach a 1x1 ID picture on the upper-left side of the Information Sheet.
Staple the sheet with your Essay Answers to the Information Sheet.
Please submit your fully accomplished Information Sheet and your Essay through or through Window 14 or 15 of the ADSA Office on or before Tuesday,13 June 2006.

Essay Questions for InTACT Student Assistant Applicants
Please answer each question as thoroughly and concisely as you can, within 7 – 12 sentences.

Why do you want to become an InTACT Student Assistant (formerly InTACT Student Facilitator)?

What, for you, is the purpose of the InTACT Program?

What, for you, is the purpose of an Ateneo Education?

What personal characteristics of yours do you think/feel are assets in being an InTACT Student Assistant? Please expound on your answer.

On a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the highest, how willing are you to take part in the InTACT program (Please go over the attached powerpoint file for details about the program and job description of an InTACT Student Assistant.

Month of the Sacred Heart

On this month of the Sacred Heart
there will be a Mass every Friday6:00 PM,
at the Sacred Heart Chapel at the Church of the Gesù
with Fr. Catalino Arévalo, SJ as presider and homilist

June 23, 2006, Friday, is the Feast of the Sacred Heart.
The mass will be at the Main Churchat 6:00 PM,
also with Fr. Arévalo, SJ.

2nd Sinelab Workshop Series

1) To promote the love for cinema.
2) To promote the love for cinema theater experience.
3) To promote the love for cinema experimentation.

SINELAB Workshop
The 2nd Sinelab Workshop Series

Calling All Professional, Amateur and Student Filmmakers...
No age or academic requirements and open to all individuals who are interested as long as you are willing to go through the workshop with an open and experimental mind. The workshop will begin first Saturday and Sunday of July.
Registration Ongoing.

Coverage of the Workshop:
6 sessions : basic screenwriting(experimental application)
6 sessions : alternative production (producer's course)
Schedule: Saturdays and Sundays
3pm to 6pm
Venue:Cubao, Quezon City
Fee:PhP5,000 / 12 Sessions
E-mail Address For Registration/Inquiries:
*workshop fee for lectures only.
*students are required to finish their short films before graduation.
Limited slots available.
Only committed students will be accepted.