Beyond the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment): The role of environment in understanding business risks

Undertaking environmental assessments is often seen as a cost of doing business. However, it is in fact the opposite-- while being a cost, a lot of companies nowadays see the benefits and returns of understanding environmental conditions in a financial/transacti onal project. Knowing the environmental risks before financial transactions are finalised is important in understanding material issues that could lead to increased costs, litigation and added responsibility. Every sound businessman will want to know the risks involved, and too often environmental risks are underestimated.

Mr Duckworth and Ms Janice Lao from ERM- Hong Kong will discuss the business drivers on undertaking environmental studies in financial/transacti onal projects (eg Mergers and Acquisitions, Project Finance, Initial Public Offering). They will draw from their experience working in Southeast Asia and China.

Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is an international consulting group of 3,000 environmental, health, safety, social (EHSS) and risk management specialists. As EHSS issues become more important for corporations and governments, ERM is working to balance environmental protection with economic development, improved health and safety and social equity.

Ka-Soc Sci-yan! Join the SOSS Week Volunteers

Batas Militar Lab:
The competition that will simulate Martial Law, Extra Challenge style! Be a part of the team that will test the courage and strength of the contestants in handling one of the toughest periods of Philippine History.

Power Talks:
A SOSS Week Tradition. Famous and successful alumni of the School of Social Sciences will be invited to speak to students about youth empowerment. Get up close and personal with these people!

Flying SOSS-er:
A competition to be one of the Top Ten Most Interesting People in SOSS. The competition will be a mix of students, admin, maintenance and any person connected to SOSS. Be a part of the team that will search for these fascinating people.

Shades of Grey:
A film/documentary competition that will show different social realities.

SOSS Night:
The wrap-up of the week and the year for the School of Social Sciences . Expect a big celebration, showcase, and more.

SOSSiety Page:
The legacy of this year¢s batch of SOSS students. The SOSSiety page is a mosaic of pictures from your parents to yourselves.

Having difficulty deciding? If you want to try being in a committee instead, feel free to join any of the following:

For more information, contact the following people:
Abbi Luz (09064512158)
Wen Batocabe (09175020666)

Sanggu Needs YOU! Join ASCC

The Ateneo Student Concern Center (ASCC) is in need of more volunteers.

ASCC is an arm of the Sanggunian¢s Committee on Student Rights and Welfare (STRAW). We assist and help students process their concerns and complaints related to (but not limited to) Magna Carta violations stated in the LS Student Handbook. As we process these concerns, we keep the complainant¢s identity confidential.

Volunteers are expected to be in our office desk at MVP 200 three hours every week, with schedules just like a 3-unit subject.
Interested applicants can contact Peter Imbong at 0915 851 0286

APO: The Job Hunt Express

Ateneo Placement Office in cooperation with COMMP Associates


APO: The Job Hunt Express.

The project aims to develop a system that would allow students to submit their resumes online, allow sponsor companies to post job vacancies online and match the resumes and the job vacancies that are posted in the system.

SENIORS: To be able to access the system, please get your account cards. Distribution of account cards will be on December 4 - 7, 2006.

December 4

December 5-7
SOM & SOSE – Sec Field
SOH & SOSS – Socsci Foyer


Forum on Development Cooperation and Foreign Policy with Canadian Ambassador Sutherland

The Development Studies Program and Development Society invite you to a forum on Development Cooperation and Foreign Policy with Canadian Ambassador Peter Sutherland on November 27, 2006, Monday, 4:30pm at Escaler Hall. The forum aims to explore partnerships and possible future engagements between Canada and the Philippines in order to reduce poverty incidence in the Philippines. A reception will follow at CTC102. If you wish to attendPlease confirm attendance to the reception by contacting Mavic Punay at 09157874286 or email her at

Tanghalang Ateneo presents "Middle Finger po"

Inihahandog ngTanghalang Ateneo28th Repertory Season

ang dulang
Ni Han Ongsalin at direksyon ni Ronan Capinding
Ang Mura ng Kabataan

Rizal Mini Theater, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

7PM:Nobyembre 23, 24, 25, 29Disyembre 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16

2PMNobyembre 25Disyembre 2, 9, 16

Para sa karagdagang impormasyon, tumawag sa 09277897563 o sa Rizal Mini-Theater (RMT) sa 4266001 local 5121.

AteneoLAC's Ojo de Dios Lantern-Making Competition

In line with the approaching yuletide this year, the Ateneo Lingua Ars Cultura has come up with Pasko sa Ojo de Dios (Christmas in the Eye of God) Lantern Making Competition that will run on the week of December 18, 2006. We gladly invite you to join us in pursuing this project.

Two objectives drive us to accomplish this project:

1. To enrich cultural awareness and appreciate cultural ties in Ateneans through an incorporation of the Filipino tradition of Christmas lanterns and the Mexican craft of Ojo de Dios.
2. To ignite the Christmas Spirit in selected residential institutions by decorating their buildings with our Ojo de Dios Lanterns.

Pasko sa Ojo de Dios will feature a fusion of two colorful traditions namely the Philippine Christmas lantern and the Ojo de Dios craft of Mexico integrated to the Holiday Season. Furthermore, the Philippine Christmas lantern, as we all know, is traditionally made up of star-figured sticks, colored papers and light bulbs. Through this project, we attempt to give a little twist to our Christmas lanterns using the Ojo de Dios craft which traditionally uses a very simplistic set of materials—yarn and sticks. To detail on Ojo de Dios, here is a brief background derived from Marian Harvey’s book, Crafts of Mexico:

The God's Eyes come from the Huichol tribe which lives in the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico. The God's Eyes are also called by the Spanish term "ojo de dios". The ojo de dios is meant to be a "wand" (the eye) through which the eye of god will see the supplicant (asking for health and long life for children).

Participants in the contest shall be applying the said fusion of traditions. The finished entries after the said competition will be donated to selected residential social institutions currently served by your organization. These will be for decoration purposes.

Mechanics of the contest, a brief orientation, and the distribution of basic materials shall be explained during the first day of the competition week. We encourage you to join as a group. Also, prizes will be given to the team of contestants with the most creative lantern during the culminating event to be held on December 21, 2006.

Please send us your confirmation with regard to the competition on or before December 11, 2006. We are looking forward to your full cooperation in making this project a worthwhile experience.

Thank you,
Michelene A. Venzon, Project Head, 09165615758

Noted by:
Jane Ira H. Inquimboy, President

MEcO's Blue Bazaar

The Management Economics Organization will be holding one of its year-end projects, Blue Bazaar: the rush before Christmas. The bazaar would run from December 11 – 15. Blue Bazaar aims to give student entrepreneurs a venue where they could showcase their products as well as a place where those who do not have much time could do their Christmas shopping. For interested concessionaires, recruitment week is from November 20 – 30 at the Kostka extension. For more details, you could drop by the booth or you text the following numbers: 0917-8465389 (Mica), 0917-8801785 (Nina), 0917-8102580 (Kervin) and 0916-7063996 (Angelique).

Genocide Diaries

Ateneo Lingua Ars Cultura


Genocide Diaries

Experience the sinister side of culture.

November 27, 2006
Schindler’s List, Part I
The Holocaust
4:30 – 6:00

November 28, 2006
Hotel Rwanda
3:30 – 6:00
Ching Tan Room

November 29, 2006
Schindler’s List, Part II
The Holocaust
4:30 – 6:00

November 30, 2006
The Killing Fields
3:30 – 6:00
Faura AVR

December 4, 2006
La Vita è Bella [Italian: Life is Beautiful]
The Holocaust
4:30 – 6:00

December 5, 2006
Jacob the Liar [German]
The Holocaust
4:30 – 6:00
Kotska AVR

December 6, 2006
Culminating Night: Reflection and Prayer
4:30 – 7:30
CTC 102

Bridge. Advocate diversity. Celebrate diversity.

AMA Presents Mvation : Rulina

Experience a night of pure clean fun as we rediscover and reinvent the rock concert scene. Be part of this momentous event as we enchant you with genuine quality rock music.
Let your spirits soar high as the night intensifies with performances from SANDWICH, CHICOSCI, PEDICAB, BLOOMFIELDS, Band Camp Bands featuring AVERLEY, EMPTY SIREN BOULEVARD, HIDDEN NIKKI, HYMN OF SIREN, a cutting edge dance number from CADS and LOADS MORE OF SURPRISES!

This event is made possible by: Monster Radio RX 93.1, EMPRO [Events Management PROvider], Chippy, Bullfighter, Teazz, C3 Events Place, Sbarro, Burgoo, and Zagu...

Celadon’s Mid Autumn Gratia has been moved to November 30!

Moved to Nov. 30, 2006 (Thursday)

Voting is extended!!@ the Kostka Extension, 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Nov. 27-28, 2006

Vote for your teachers; recognize the noble efforts of our outstanding faculty members
Collect Faculty Trading Cards and remember how much your teachers shaped your lifeHelp children who need your support

- Promote the advocacies of Ateneo's socially-oriented organizations
o ACLC: Not just an org, it's a way of life.
o ACIL: Ite et Docete. Go and Teach.
o AtSCA: Para sa Diyos. Para sa Bayan.
o Gabay: Pinipili kong magtaya, nangangako akong magtaya, malaya akong nagtataya...
o Kaingin: Social Justice through Education!
o Kythe: Children should be flying kites, not fighting cancer.
o Musmos: Where there are children smiling there is hope.
o Tugon: We like to make babies.... happy!

- One organization will receive school supplies for the kids of their area
Buy a ticket to the culminating night
@ the MVP Roof Deck, 4:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Nov. 30, 2006

and get to...

Enjoy performances by the Company of Ateneo Dancers, Blue Repertory, Tanghalang Ateneo!
Applaud your favorite teachers during the awarding ceremonyEat a sumptuous buffet dinner !
Play the traditional Chinese Filipino dice game (no prior experience necessary) and win lots of prizes!

Join the raffle draw for an iPod shuffleFor tickets, please contact Da Tan (0917-8912300)

Ateneo Placement Office: Job Interview Training Program

JVP Recruitment Week

GK Camp

Reg2vote Goes 2 City Hall

Starting NEXT WEDNESDAY, we have trips ready to bring you to Quezon City Hall or Pasig City or Marikina City or San Juan.Sign up for your preferred time slot! You may do so through sign-up sheets that will be handed to your orgs or sheets passed around in your class or sheets posted in the Sanggunian Promo Board along EDSA walk or sheets found at MVP200 or by contacting Lizzie Garilao at 09178908501.Not from any of those cities?Gather round at least 20 of your friends and colleagues and we'll schedule a trip to your city hall for you. Sounds fair? For those, however, that we cannot accommodate, your local election officers are very much willing to help you reg2vote on Sundays to Thursdays, 8-5pm. Especially come Christmas Break for those from other regions.Just show up with your birth certificate, a proof of address and you're good to go. Certain cities and municipalities may require less or more depending on their needs. Despite these, still do reg2vote 'cause the youth's vote, OUR VOTE, matters.

For questions, comments, reactions, sign up sheet concerns, contact Lizzie Garilao at 09178908501.

Ateneo COMELEC Commissioners 2007 Application

About Ateneo COMELEC:

The Ateneo Commission on Elections is the official electoral arm of the Sanggunian. It takes charge of all matters concerning campaigns, candidacy, referenda, and political parties.

This year, the Ateneo Comelec takes on an even more proactive stance in advocating not just for student awareness and involvement in the school, but also for the formation of responsible Filipino Atenean-voters in the national elections.

FIVE Comelec Commissioners are appointed each year by the Student Judicial Court and the Outgoing Comelec Commissioners. A maximum of fifteen associate commissioners are also selected as members of the core group.

Arete: Humanities Festival!

Hang on Tight andBe Part of the Bigger and Better HUMANITIES FESTIVAL!January 15 - 26, 2007

Join events, exhibits, parties, plays, and so much more
by signing up for any of these committees:

Are you creative? Promotions is in charge of coordinating with the Information Design Program in order to come up with all of the promo material. Are you all about the details?Logistics takes care of things such as reserving venues and setting up for activities and events. Are you a people person?Marketing is in charge of contacting companies for possible sponsors. Aside from that, marketing will take care of the fund raisers like the Bake Sale (we get to bake!) and the Garage Sale.Are you caring?Secretariat takes care not only of typing the minutes, but also of the volunteers (making sure volunteers have their food, ID's, tasks etc) and the performers and guests (tokens, invites, etc).Are you a paparazzi?Doc & Pub will get to go to every event in order to snap shots that will be compiled into an album and uploaded to schoolofhumanities. multiply. com

Don't be left behind...Sign-up Today!
Sign-up sheets are located in the SOH Board along EDSA walk, near BerchmansFor more information contact Humanities Festival Secretariat: 09209241564,

Sanggunian Updates

Committee on Student Activities

ASLA and Sanggu Relations

In our efforts to improve the Sanggunian¢s relationship with the Ateneo Student Leaders Assembly, the currently amendments to the resolution are being evaluated. A meeting was convened last November 13, 2006 in the CSPPA office with the ASLA core and the CSA to evaluate the effectivity to of having Sanggu participation in the applicant deliberations, curriculum setting, implementation and evaluation of the program. Although this year was an improvement from how the two parties dealt with each other in the past years, it was seen that ASLA has gained some independence from the Sanggunian. Because of this, both parties agreed that ASLA may function better if they will be no longer be put under the wing of the Sanggunian as this will allow them to broaden the scope of the program. Although there have been no final decisions made yet, the possibility of finding a better set-up is in the works. Another meeting is set on November 16, 2006 to discuss the issue further.


ACP was cancelled this year due to situational constraints (no evaluation and no team for this year). The project was then put under the responsibility of the committee. The committee is still looking for more volunteers to evaluate the project and set up a new team for next year. The committee has already decided not to come up with an alternative project for ACP this year due to time constraints. Documents from the past ACP cannot be found therefore the evaluation process is put on hold. The committee deputy, Uana Arellano, contacted Celine Sugay, the documentations and publications head of last year¢s ACP. Ms. Sugay said that she has the bible and necessary materials for the project to be evaluated. However, two weeks ago, she said that it was not with her. Ms. Arellano also has been trying to set up a meeting with Grip Bueta, head of ACP in the years 2004 and 2005, to help in the evaluation but his schedule does not permit so. The evaluation has to be done as soon as possible so that a new system for ACP may be put on paper and preparations for next year can be started. The committee will be sending out a message through the AOB Bulletin meant for those who were part of past ACPs to assist in the evaluation and provide input on how the system can be improved.

Prepared by: Camille Beatrice P. Cabreira, 3rd Year SOH Central Board Representative

Shifting Procedure

SHIFTING PROCEDURE „A make sure that your GUIDANCE TESTS are complete„A sign up & show up for the required ROUTINE INTERVIEW„A attend the DEPARTMENTAL TALKS this January„A sign up for the CAREER EXPLORATION WORKSHOP (CEW)„A prepare a copy of your GRADES„A after the CEW, secure a SHIFTING ENDORSEMENT FORM from your counselor„A get the approval of the department you are shifting into; have the Shifting Endorsement Form signed by the department chair„A submit the signed Shifting Endorsement Form to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA, Xavier Hall)„A secure a LOAD REVISION FORM (for change of concentration) from the ADAA„A obtain the necessary signatures„A distribute the accomplished forms to the different offices DEPARTMENTAL TALKS Jan 10, 12, 17 & 19, 2007, 4:30-6pm, Ching Tan Room (SOM 111). Those whowish to attend must follow SOM dress code. Further details to follow. CAREER EXPLORATION WORKSHOP (CEW) WHO: students who want to shift WHEN: Jan 24 & 31; Feb 7, 14, 21 & 28; Mar 7, 2007 (Wednesdays),1:30-4:30pm Jan 27; Feb 3, 10, 17 & 24; Mar 3 & 10, 2007 (Saturdays),8:30-11:30am WHERE: LS Guidance Office, 1st Floor Berchmans Hall HOW: Sign up at the LSGO as soon as possible. Slots are available on afirst come, first served basis. Look for Sir Rommel. * Shifting period starts on Jan 23 and ends on Mar 14, 2007 (in time forsummer classes) and April 16, 2007 (in time for 1st sem). ** For further inquiries, please feel free to drop by the LS GuidanceOffice.

What's new with the Ateneo Online Bulletin (AOB)?

After evaluating the AOB system that has been used for the past semester, here are some changes we are going to implement this time around in order to improve upon it.

1. Some promotions sent by student orgs are sometimes not included in the weekly announcements.
Þ Orgs now send their promotions/announcement to instead of so that their promotions can be easily organized.
Þ Orgs are now sent an email confirming the receipt of their promotions so that they know if their promotions have been successfully received by the AOB Team.

2. Some student orgs do not know how to send promotions through the AOB.
Þ The AOB Team shall provide soft and hard copies of how to send promotions to all student groups.
Þ In case groups still do not use the prescribed format in emailing the AOB, a reply containing how to send promotions shall always be sent in soft copy to the groups.

3. The banner and pictures of AOB do not appear.
Þ The template pictures are currently being updated in order to avoid this forever.

4. Some announcements are often repeated.
Þ From now on, the AOB Team shall not anymore repeat its announcements for consecutive weeks.

5. Batch emergency announcements aren't included on time to help the students in the AOB.
Þ From now on, the different Batch Chairpersons of the Sanggunian can now access the AOB to send emergency announcements that need to be announced before the weekly updates.

6. There are very few important announcements and so many ads.
Þ From now on, the AOB shall be sent to the administrators and faculty of the school so that they can become more aware that they can use it for their administration announcements.
Þ The AOB Team shall now actively seek out important announcements not sent to the Sanggunian so that it can include all announcements – from no class announcements to lab breakage fees collection dates, etc. etc.

Open Auditions for High School Musical!

Cashflow101: Coming Soon to the Ateneo

Budget Transfer Authorization Form

Budget Transfer Authorization

Basement, MVPCSL, Ateneo de Manila University Second Semester 2006-2007
Tel. 426-6001, loc 5184-5186 / telefax:426-2915
Mobile: 0928-5031249 / e-mail:

Our department/organization
would like to avail of LS Bookstore’s charging services. The following faculty/staff/officers are authorized to sign at the
LS Bookstore for services/goods to be billed to said department/office/organization at the end of each calendar month.

Name Position Specimen Signature

The budget number/s to which the services may be charged is/are as follows:

(The LS Bookstore will NOT automatically charge to these numbers. The numbers will be used to countercheck
correctness of the actual numbers indicated in the approved monthly Statement of Account/Charge Invoice.)

Budget Number Budget Name

Authorized by: Department Chair / Office Head / OSA Director (for Student Organizations)

Name in Print


Budget Transfer Authorization for the LSBookstore

To the Department Chair/ Head of Office / Organization Head:

The Loyola Schools Bookstore offers the following backroom services:

Photocopying, Grayscale / Color
Color poster printing (maximum size A3)
Leaflet, invitation printing
Plastic ring binding
Wire loop binding
Perfect Binding
Plastic Lamination (ID to A-4 size)

These Backroom Services are available to offices, departments, and full
time permanent faculty on a monthly charging basis. To avail of the
service, interested parties should fill up the form. Individual permanent
faculty members need not get approval of the department chair. But credit
requests for offices and departments should indicate the persons
authorized to avail of the services for the department and must be signed
by the department chair / director of the office. Student organizations
may also avail of the charging service, but must secure the approval of
the organization head and the Director of OSA.

While a request for credit authorization, changes in authorized personnel,
or cancellation of credit service may be made at any time throughout the
schoolyear, it is best to submit the request as soon as possible to avoid
the backroom job handlers from rejecting a request for service if
authorization has not been submitted. Anyone who is not on the authorized
list and asks to have services or items charged to your office will be

Attached is the authorization request form as an excel template format.
Please download, complete the form, and print it out to enter the sample
signatures of the authorized representatives, and return the completed
form to Grace Santos at the Loyola Schools Bookstore.
Thank you.

Please be reminded of the following numbers and email addresses of the
LSBookstore team:

Karen B. Cardenas, Officer-in-charge
loc. 5183,

Mary Grace Santos, Assistant Manager
loc 5184

Djoanna Andres, Cashier and Sales
loc 5185

Jeremy Dalisay, Backroom
loc 5186

Ronald de Torrontegui, Backroom
loc 5186

Direct line/FAX 426-2915

Our sales hours are 8:30 am to 12:00 noon and 1:00 to 4:30 pm on weekdays,
and 8:30 to 11:30 am on Saturdays.

KATIPUNAN Magazine | Your story starts HERE | Second Sem Recruitment

KATIPUNAN | Your story starts HERE | Second Sem Recruitment
2006 Catholic Mass Media Awards nominee for Best Student Organ: College
Your story starts HERE.
For details, contact

BS Environmental Science, minor in Literature (English) 2007
Loyola School of Science and Engineering, Ateneo de Manila University |
(+63 927) 796 5768 |

L’oréal e-Strat Challenge

L’Oréal Philippines invites you to participate in the L’Oréal e-Strat Challenge, the biggest global online business and strategy competition for business students.
To join, form a team composed of three members and log on to www.e-strat. to register and start playing the game. Registration is until 28 November 2006.
L’Oréal e-Strat Challenge is the ultimate business game that provides the participants with the opportunity to be in the virtual driver’s seat of a leading global cosmetics company, and to make strategic decisions based on realistic marketing situations. The students will need to consider business realities such as development strategy, finance, marketing, pricing policy, product issues, advertising, and brand positioning.
When playing, your team will compete with four virtual companies in making critical decisions and providing creative solutions to drive your company to the top. But in a broader sense, the L’oréal e-Strat Challenge allows you to compete with the best minds around the world. Last year, 40,000 students from 2,000 universities in 125 countries registered for the challenge. 5,000 students (1,500 teams) qualified for the competition proper, 300 teams were selected to the semifinals, and 16 teams made it to the international finals held in Paris, France where the participants presented their business plans before L’Oréal senior executives.
If your team makes it to the international finals, you and your partner professor will be sent to Paris, France courtesy of L’Oréal Philippines.
And if you win the finals, you and your partner professor will get the chance to go to any country of your choice… for free!
In the national competition, the top three teams from the Philippines and their partner professors will receive the following prizes:
1st Place: 3 Days and 2 Nights Trip to Boracay
2nd Place: Overnight Accommodation in a 5-Star Hotel
3rd Place: Formal Dining Certificates
Let us show the world that the Philippines is a force to reckon with. Join the e-Strat Challenge and make your school and country proud!
For questions and clarifications, please email acrisol@ph.loreal. com, or contact Arvin Crisol at 6320280 loc. 202 or at 09189072928.
Thank you very much and let the L’oréal e-Strat Challenge begin!
Arvin Crisol
Human Resources Manager
Recruitment and Integration
L'Oréal Philippines, Inc.

Landline: +632 6320280 loc. 202
Mobile: +63918 9072928
Email: acrisol@ph.loreal. com

LSCMO: Basic & Advance Liturgical Guitar

The LS-Campus Ministry Office (LSCMO)is offering the following programs
for the second semester of schoolyear 2006-2007:

1) Basic Liturgical Guitar (BLG)

Learn the basics of guitar playing such as tuning the guitar, strumming
and basic chord patterns. General assembly is on Nov. 29, Wednesday, at
3:30pm - 4:30pm. Venue: TBA.

2) Advance Liturgical Guitar (ALG)

Learn advance techniques of guitar playing such as slash / inverted chords
and plucking. Prerequisites: Has attended the Basic Liturgical Guitar
program last semester OR has working knowledge on the differenct chord
patterns (ie Minor, M7, m7, sus, sus7). General assembly is on Dec. 1,
Friday, at 3:30pm - 4:30pm. Venue: TBA.

Interested individuals, groups and/or organizations may sign-up at the
Campus Ministry Office located at the Ground Floor of the MVP building.
You may contact us at local 5160-5161.

Cholo Santos
Campus Minister
Coordinator for Liturgical Guitar Programs
LS Campus Ministry Office

HOPE Season 2

HOPE Summer School 2007 is about to start!

Recruitment will be held from Nov. 20-24 (venue TBA).

We are currently looking for volunteers who are willing

(1) to teach Math, Science, English-Language, and Reading to Grades 5-6 of selected public elementary school students during the summer; or

(2) to help out in preparing the extra-curricular activities for the kids (ex: Field Trip, Quiz Bee, Sports Fest, etc) and other admin-related work.

Let's have some fun this summer!!

Nikki Pagkanlungan
Email Address: monchi8687@yahoo. com
Yahoo ID: monchi8687
Mobile Number: 09182574556

CompSAt Week

November 13 -17
SEC-C Foyer
Open to All
Looking for alternatives to expensive software? Just curious to see what's out there? Get new, nifty, legal, free, and opensource software here. We have games, word processors, IDEs, even an operating system. Bring your own CD or buy one from us for only P10.

Technical Support
November 13 - 17
SEC-C Foyer
Open to All

Ever wanted to ask a technical question but didn't know where to go? Have no fear; we're here to help! Each day we focus on a different topic and on Friday, we will have a free-for-all tutorial.

Tuesday - formatting and partitioning
Wednesday - finding and installing opensource applications
Thursday - troubleshooting
Friday - free-for-all

November 18, 7:30AM - 5:00PM
F223, F227, F228
High School Students

Watch high school students battle each other in CompSAt's IT quiz bee!

Photoshop Tutorial
November 15, 4:30PM - 6:00PM
Faura Multimedia Lab
Members Only

Learn basic Photoshop skills from Gene Gacho! To register, send an email to with your name and contact number. This tutorial only has 30 slots. First come, first served.

Food-Eating Competition
November 14, 9:00AM - 12:00PM
SS Foyer
Members Only

Eat and win incredible yet inedible prizes! To register, form teams of three (3) members and send an email to with your names and contact numbers. The registration fee is P30 per team.

Film Showing
November 16, 12:00PM - 4:30PM
Faura AVR
Open to All

Relax and chill out with KungFu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer!

Tekken 5 Tournament
November 15 -16
MVP CSL Room 315
Members Only

Join CompSAt's King of Iron Fist Tournament! To register, send an email to with your name and contact number.

CompSAt Second GA
November 17, 4:30PM - 7:30PM
Cervini Rec Room
Members Only

Attendance is a Must!

See you there!

Jan Margaret Y. Ong
The Computer Society of the Ateneo | +63(917)4760663

U can HELP Build-A-Lab for San Jose National HS!

DSWS Advisory Re: Hold Order List for Delinquent Emergency Item Borrowers

The following still have unsettled accounts with DSWS. They have merited hold orders, and are advised to settle their accounts on November 6, 2006 (Monday), during the distribution of grades and registration forms. Students with unsettled accounts with hold orders will not be allowed to register for the second semester.
Surname Year and Course ID Number Item Loaned Date Due
Amorado 3 AB POS 040172 C4 19-Sep
Asuncion 1 AB IS 060248 C26 21-Jul
Cipriano 2 AB MEC 050781 Bib 01 25-Sep
Canlas 2 AB MEC 050559 Bib 05 5-Sep
Ceguerra 1 BS ME 060669 U33 5-Sep
Ching 1 AB POS 060735 C29 29-Aug
De Leon 1 BS LM 064256 U1 27-Sep
Drilon 1 AB IS 063967 C20 4-Jul
Dy 4 BS MIS 031009 C24 7-Sep
Elepano 1 BS MGT-H 061263 U243 28-Sep
Eduardo 3 AB ECO 043591 U29 26-Sep
Escalante 4 AB ECO 031035 Bib 21 15-Sep
Guingunao 3 AB ECO 041565 Bib 09 3-Jul
Gatuslao 2 AB COM 051444 U38 15-Aug
Go 1 BS ME 061563 U5 26-Sep
Lim 3 BS MGT 041922 U35 27-Sep
Laxaman 1 BS MAC 061929 U19 18-Jul
Miranda 2 BFA TA 052260 U3 26-Sep
Medina 2 AB MEC 052199 C13-05 21-Sep
Montenegro 4 AB PSY 032058 DS011 28-Sep
Montalbo 2 AB ECO 052279 U39 11-Sep
Ople 1 BS MGT 062553 returned unpaid fine
Peralta 3 AB SOS 042511 U25 14-Jul
Ponio 2 BS MGT 052631 U38 5-Sep
Ramizo 1 AB EU 062839 U24 25-Sep
Santiago 2 BS ECE 052958 Bib 19 13-Sep
Samaco 1 BS ME 063074 DS 02 7-Sep
Sotto 2 AB PSY 053114 Bib 12 22-Jul
Tancongco 2 BS MIS 053274 U18, U22 8/24, 8/28
Timbol 2 BS CTM 053341 U 05 27-Sep
Ty 2 AB COM 053426 C9 31-Aug
Vanila 2 AB PSY 053499 U20 8-Sep
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3rd Akira's Nightmare Animation Scriptwriting Laboratory

The 3rd Akira's Nightmare Animation Scriptwriting Laboratory
in cooperation with
Asia Pacific College Magallanes
Multimedia Arts Department
APC/ABMA Student Organization
Bahay Bombilya

The goal of this laboratory is to develop animators who can create their own materials. This workshop also seeks to develop animation "toon" writers/story editors. The Laboratory is slated for November or December.

Akira's Nightmare Basic Animation Scriptwriting Laboratory
3rd Revised Laboratory Outline

Laboratory Outline
ƒÞ Understanding The Animation Industry
ƒÞ Understanding The Market
ƒÞ Animation Production (2d-animation) A
ƒÞ Animation Production (3d-animation)
ƒÞ Types of Animation
ƒÞ Formulating An Idea
ƒÞ Story Concept
ƒÞ Premise Development
ƒÞ The Character Matrix
ƒÞ Story Construction
ƒÞ Breaking Down a Story into Beats (story beats)
ƒÞ Outline Development and Management
ƒÞ The Screenplay Management and Development
ƒÞ Writing In Terms of Types of Distribution
ƒÞ Presentation of the Bible
ƒÞ Project Development
ƒÞ How To Pitch
ƒÞ Steps in Promoting Your Product

Tuition Fee
Asia Pacific College Students:5,000
NON_APC :6,000

Venue of the Laboratory
Asia Pacific College
Multi Media Arts Department
Asia Pacific College Bldg.
Humabon Place, Magallanes Village
Makati City

APC Students/ Graduates : Contact Pesons
Bong Modesto ( Multimedia Arts Department)
John P. Gozun (Bahay Bombilya)

Non_APC Students
Contact Person : Melchor
(CONTACT NUMBERS: 09215081060/ 6822404)

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Report on Guimaras Assistance

Dear Friends and Supporters of Task Force Noah and the Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan,

I am happy to report that through the funds collected by the Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan and Ateneo de Manila University's Task Force Noah, the following forms of assistance have been provided to the communities in Guimaras that were most badly affected by the recent oil-spill.
· Relief Goods for 500 fisher-families (of Salvacion and Laniput Towns);
· Milk Supplement for 230 children (of various towns of Nueva Valencia);
· Seeds for Backyard Vegetable farming for 250 families (of Lucmayan Town);
· Start-up capital for a small-scale alternative livelihood/crafts-making project in Sitio Dungcaan, Lucmayan;
· Free Medical consultations for the members of communities in Dungcaan and Talabahan;
I, along with Dr. Atoy Salazar, S.J., M.D. and Dr. RV Guevara, M.D., comprised the SLB-team that facilitated the above last October 24-29, 2006. All our efforts were in cooperation with Mrs. Beth Jarantilla (Iloilo based SLB volunteer), Fr. Bong Gotera (Parish Priest of Nueva Valencia) and Sr.Louise Banares of the Dominican Sisters based in Guimaras.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL WHO GAVE GENEROUSLY to make these forms of assistance possible. A detailed accounting of the said funds and expenses will be sent to all donors shortly. This will also be posted in our website,, along with photos taken in the spill-site and a more detailed report on the conditions found there.

May the Spirit of concern and generosity, and a deepening sense of stewardship for all creation, continue to lead us closer to our God who is with us in our work for those in great need.

In Christ Our Lord,

Mark Lopez, S.J
Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan

Department of Information Systems and Computer Science

The Department of Information Systems and Computer Science

Team Persistence
Ramon Fransisco Mejia (5MSCS)
Kendrick Saavedra (4CS)
Michael Joseph Tan (4CS)
Christopher Fredric La Chica (4CS)
for winning BEST LOCAL TEAM

Pablo Manalastas, Ph.D. (Head Coach)
Proceso Fernandez
John Paul Vergara, Ph.D.
Eric Vidal

in the
2006 ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition Asia Regional
Contest - Manila
hosted by the Ateneo de Manila on
October 26 and 27, 2006

We congratulate our other teams for their participation:

1. Alvin Nathaniel Demetillo (4MIS)
2. Debbie Ann Manay (3MIS)
3. Ivan Lester Caw (3MIS)
4. Jarell Mallari (4CS)

Faura Boys
1. Jejomar Alexis Dimayuga (3MIS)
2. Marc Louie Manay (4CS)
3. Rocky Camacho (3MIS)

1. John Patrick Manalo (4CS)
2. Richard Locsin (3CS)
3. Wilhansen Joseph Li (1CS)

Team 168
1. Danna Patricia Aduna (1CS)
2. Diana Jayne Gonzales (4CS)
3. John Michael Mandapat (4CS)
4. Kristina Lim (4CS)

The Big 3
1. Neill Wilbert Li (4CS)
2. Jan Vincent Liwanag (4CS)
3. Jason Salvador (4CS)

Our gratitude also goes out to the event organizers:

Contest Site Director and Head Judge
Rafael P. Saldana, Ph.D.

Krizia Helena Raymundo

Justin Byron Co

Promotions and Publications
Erin Genna Laborada

Registration and Volunteers Coordinator
Katherine Sandoval

Systems Administration
Jose Alfredo De Vera

Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo, Ph.D.
Anna Christine Amarra
Andrei Coronel
Joselito Olpoc
Paolo Agloro
Ma. Regina Estuar, Ph.D.
Antonio Dimagiba
Albert Medalla

Secretarial Staff
Elisa Agbay
Grace Savellano
Ma. Leonor Simogan
Jerico Oabel
Melinda Nicdao

Technical Support Staff
Mark Bautista
Regan Berganio
Paulo Berganio
Ronald Panergo
Carlo Sanchez
Andrei Jaromillo
Amador Grutas
Arwin Albano
Rodel Chrisostomo
Alan Menodiado

and our army of student volunteers who made this event possible.

We thank our sponsors:

Holiday Inn
Robinsons Malls
Click the City
HWM Magazine
Sun Micro Systems

Finally, we thank the administration for its support, most especially

Fr. Bienvenido F. Nebres, S.J.
Ma. Assunta Cuyegkeng, Ph.D.
Fabian Dayrit, Ph.D.
Fr. Jose C. J. Magadia, S.J.

For more information about the event, please visit the website:

Paolo Agloro
MIS Program Director
Department of Information Systems and Computer Science
tel no. 4266001 loc. 5660
Ateneo de Manila University