TWO ELECTIVES: Enjoying Electronics and Innovation & Technology

Enjoying Electronics
A 3-Unit Elective Course (ECE 10.1)

Open to all Loyola Schools students, "Enjoying Electronics" will be managed according to the ECCE department's innovative teaching methodology which received an award in March 2001 from the Dean of the School of Science and Engineering.*1 View three projects, one of which is a "Panda" that follows a sound source.*2 A Paper that describes the methodology.*3

The course will start with a planning session, whose atmosphere will be managed in such a way that the students' "freedom to think" is unleashed and enhanced. The goals set by the students here will become the basis for the design of the experiments that they will "enjoy" doing. Care will be taken that projects lead to the feeling of accomplishment in a successful project. A summary of the behavioral concepts and theories are presented here.*4

A learning environment that will enhance personal and group motivation will take the place of the traditional two-part course scheme of lecture and laboratory.

Innovation and Technology
A 3-Unit Elective Course (CE 195.1), 1st Sem 2007-08

The course is open to all Loyola Schools students, and emphasizes how new ideas radically change our lives.

In this course we develop the thesis that Globalization and the Flatenning of the World lead to very positive forces for Filipino innovators. We study how the world's best innovators today – such as Google and Apple - innovate and how their competition adapt against what are truly disruptive forces. Students will analyze the development of the iPod and how the new iPhone fits within a strategy that will remake Apple and change several industries.

Prof. Greg Tangonan, funded by the prestigious Howard-Hughes Fellowship, obtained his Ph.D. in Applied Physics at CALTECH. An Ateneo Alumnus (BS PHYSICS 1969), he went on to pioneer major developments in photonic technologies as well as optical and wireless communications. He recently retired as Director of HRL Laboratories, which counted Boeing, Raytheon and General Motors as some of the major clients of its innovative technologies. Currently, he is a Professor at the ECCE Department, as well as President and CEO of several technology startup and consulting companies in both the United States and the Philippines .