Kritika Kultura Lecture -July 27

Kritika Kultura Lecture Series

Kritika Kultura, the Department of English and the Ateneo Fine Arts Program present
Old Routes, New Exchanges: Building a Transnational Dialogue in Arts-Making, Arts-Exchange, and Critical Discourse
Friday, 27 July 2007
Science Education Complex
SEC C Lec Hall#3/SEC 201
4:30-6:00 pm
Event Description: This Kritika Kultura Forum is part of a series of roundtable sessions that engages Philippine-based artists/curators and the participating artists, scholars, curators, and gallery directors of the Galleon Trade Arts Exchange. These sessions seek to provide context for the art exchange and introduce the various campus-communities to the artists of and the works in Galleon Trade. A range of topics will be discussed including: alternative models for international arts exchange;space, development, and globalization; and an attention to the conditions that make possible international arts exchange.
The Galleon Trade project believes that critical dialogue is constitutive of art-making and art-consumption. This session is designed to engage a transnational dialogue concerning contemporary art-making and circulation. It is our hope that our conversation will generate excitement about the exhibit and build an appreciative and informed audience
Roundtable speakers: Jenifer Wofford, Galleon Trade curator;Eric Reyes, scholar-participant;Norberto (Peewee) Roldan, curator, Green Papaya Arts Projects;Johanna Phoetig, artist-participant;Stephanie Syjuco, artist-participant.
These roundtable sessions are co-coordinated with Professor OscarCampomanes, Coordinator of Research at Ateneo de Manila University, where he teaches literary and cultural studies fulltime. The ARTERY-MANILA is also a co-sponsor of these roundtable sessions. Essentially the brainchild of Delan Robillos, ARTERY-MANILA was founded in January 2001, after a series of discussions with like-minded colleagues in late 2000, as a volunteer organization invested in art advocacy and management. Thebasic idea driving the Artery project is to provide a means to spare young but gifted artists/painters from the vagaries of the art market and the business side of artistic production so as to enable them to devote all their energies and time to their creative work.