SITUATION REPORT - Monday 25 June 2007

Monday, 25 June 2007
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COMMUNICATION: Fine tuning of the PABX system is still ongoing. There are minor problems that are being looked into now.
TRAFFIC: On school days traffic in Katipunan Road is congested. There are about 15,000 Ateneans and 7,500 Miriam students are on Katipunan early morning and in the afternoon. Kotska School has only 402 students. St. Bridget School has 1241 students but many of them take the school bus and public transportation.
MMDA completed the rewiring of the stop lights at the corner of Katipunan and C.P. Garcia last Saturday, 23 June. Left and U-turn was allowed at that junction last Saturday. Traffic was observed to have flowed faster. However, MMDA again closed the corner the following day. There is no decision yet whether the left and U-turn will be allowed there.
SECURITY: At 1:40 a.m. last Thursday, 21 June guards saw a police car pursuing a Pajero along E. Abada street that turned right to De La Rosa Street and crossed Katipunan. The Pajero narrowedly missed southbound vehicles when crossing Katipunan and rammed the MMDA barriers in moving to the northbound lane.
The police mobile patrol car finally caught the Pajero. Apparently, the Pajero had earlier rammed the police mobile patrol car and instead of stopping continued on. It was thus mistaken for a carnapper.
As it turned out, it was a lover’s quarrel and not a carnapping and nobody was hurt.
Around 3:15 this morning the police caught up with carnappers under the flyover on the side of Sta. Clara Church. This was announced in the early morning news. Campus security took pictures shown below of the incident.
Traffic was not affected by this incident.