CLCP@40 Countdown to October

Countdown to October!
days of prayer,
fasting and
humble service

We invite all CLC and YCLC members beginning August 22, 2007, Queenship of Mary , our mother, to go into special prayer, fasting and humble service.


From our salvation history we learn that Moses spent praying and fasting at Mt. Sinai to wait on God to save his people; Noah and others stayed in the ark for forty days to be saved from the flood and start new life; Jesus stayed in the desert while He fasted and prayed before He started His mission.

The forty days of Lent are spent in prayer, fasting and good work after which the season of Easter begins.

And so in joyful anticipation, from August 22, forty days to the month of October, when our celebration culminates, we unite in our acts as one national community toward CLC Magis at 40!

40…39…38… See you all in October!!!

From CLC at 40 Committee