Phobia: Maximum Tolerance Sign-Ups at SEC-B Foyer from August 13-22!

For most people, phobia stands for an exceptional or irrational fear. For the entire Ateneo community, however, it has become a uniquely Atenean activity that aims to build up interactions between the members of different organizations through a fun and exciting activity that tests their teamwork, decision-making, logic, dexterity, creativity and, of course, their ability to withstand their fears. It combines some of the best elements from the Amazing Race and Fear Factor series with the signature twist that will surely make everyone come back for more! Every year, more and more Ateneans decide to strap up, take the challenge, and battle their monsters, be they in the form of blood, rats, spiders, roaches, worms and even—believe it or not—chins, knees, and peanut butter. The challenges test one’s mental and physical prowess, as well as the ability to control your upchuck reflexes. Phobia is an experience that can be gory, messy, sweaty and icky, but it is undoubtedly an experience worth having and an adventure worth taking.

So what are you afraid of? Face your fears. Phobia 2007. Sign-ups are in the SEC-B Foyer from August 13-22. Sign-up now!

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