The Podium as a possible venue for School Activities

For: School Adminitrators
The President of Student Council
Parent's Auxiliary

From: The Podium Marketing Group
Date: August 23,2007


The Podium has been known to be a venue of worthwhile events. In line with this, we would like to invite your school to have anyactivities/performances that we can incorporate in our mall activities for the month of September until March 2008.

In return, we will gladly provide you the following:

> Venue
>security and maintenance
>sound system
>food (maximum of 20 pax)
>school event to be included in our event calendar print ad

We hope you find this proposal favorable for both parties.

Thank you very much. Should there be any concerns,please feel free tocontact the undersigned at 638-9781 loc.128.

Princess G. Joson
Brand Officer