2nd QUARTER STATUS REPORT - Thursday, 13 September 2007

(Thursday, 13 September 2007)

The 2nd Quarter Status Report of 13 September 2007, with relevant photos, is posted at http://www.ateneo.edu/index.php?p=120&type=2&sec=26&aid=4129It may also be downloaded as a Word file from http://www.ateneo.edu/upp/QuarterRep_doc/2ndQuarterRep_130907.doc

POWER: Upgrading of Rizal Library’s underground primary feeder line and transformer is ongoing. This will be completed by December.

COMMUNICATION: Power surge protectors for the PABX have been installed to reduce damage to PABX cards during thunderstorms and to minimize disruption of communication.

TRAFFIC: The number of traffic accidents on and off-campus since the start of the school year are shown below:

On Campus Off-Campus
As of 13 September 7 7
August 6 11
July 16 4
June 14 4
May 5 3
April 4 0

The accidents on campus are generally minor. The high incidences in June & July can be attributed to adjustment of new drivers to the campus traffic scheme. However, the increase in the incidence of accidents in Katipunan in August is difficult to explain. It is alarming as it may be increasing in frequency.

At 10:20 p.m. last Saturday, 7 September, a sedan flipped-over at the Katipunan U-turn between Gate 3.5 and Miriam College ’s Gate 1. The guards saw the sedan executing the U-turn at high speed when its left front wheel hit the gutter of the center island and turned turtle.

The driver, an LS student had to be helped out of the car. His passenger managed to leave the car by herself. Both were unharmed. It is strongly recommended to the community that U-turns in Katipunan be executed at a safe and reasonable speed.

At the U-turn near Gate 2.5 last Sunday, 9 September involving a taxi and a motorcycle. The motorcycle was on the wrong lane. Two SUVs involved in an accident in the same area shortly after the taxi and motorcycle accident. An SUV and school bus involved in a minor accident between Gate 3 and Gate 3.5 at 6:25 a.m., Thursday 13 September.

In all cases, non observance of traffic rules and aggressive (rather than defensive) driving resulted in the vehicular accident.

On campus last Saturday morning, 7 September a tricycle loaded with three student passengers bumped a van it was following when the van stopped for pedestrians. Fortunately, nobody was injured. The van’s bumper was slightly damaged. The van bumped by the tricycle. The SUV that hit the parking barriers at the High School carpark at 10:20 p.m. of Saturday, 7 September. Note the misaligned left rear wheel of the SUV & damaged concrete posts.

A Loyola Schools student was driving the SUV. He came from Moro Lorenzo Sports Center and accidentally rammed the concrete posts barriers and seriously damaged his SUV. The student was not hurt.

SECURITY: Campus security continues to recover cell phones, bags, wallets left unattended or found on benches.

SG VENANCIO L TEPINO, Gate 2 guard returning the Nokia N70 cell phone of a student. The student reported to the Gonzaga carpark guard that he left his phone in a taxi. Gate 2 guards were notified by radio of the incident. The guard recovered the phone from the taxi driver who was about to leave the campus.

The light installed at the Paseo de Reilly junction near Arrupe Residence Halls. Outsiders have been reported loitering in the area in the evening.

The newly installed guard house and bar boom at the entrance of Manila Observatory.

The intruder who damaged property and injured personnel of Manila Observatory and San Jose Seminary last Friday, 24 August has been traced and identified. Campus security accompanied Precinct 9 investigators to the suspect’s residence in Quezon City . It turned out that the suspect has problems and was scheduled to visit the Center for Family Ministries.

The family of the suspect has apologized for the conduct of the suspect and has settled matters amicably with the institutions and the personnel who were injured.

Around 9:30 a.m. yesterday, 12 September, students reported to security a very “friendly dog” following them around at the Gonzaga smokers pocket garden. Campus security collared the dog and brought the dog to the security office. Nobody claimed the dog and one of the guards adopted the “askal”.

Quezon City and Marikina City have ordinances requiring all dogs to be registered and vaccinated with anti-rabies. In compliance with these ordinances, stray dogs will be impounded and turned over to either Marikina City or Quezon City . Campus security will require dog owners to show registration papers or collars of their dogs.

All dog owners bringing their pets to the campus will also be required to register their dogs with Campus Security. Registration Forms will be available at the Security Office by 17 September 2007. Dogs not registered with the Ateneo will not be allowed on campus 1 October 2007. Dog owners are required to:

1. Keep their dogs on a leash.
2. Clean up after these animals.
3. Be responsible for injury or damage done by their pets.

VANDALISM: Campus security will also apprehend persons caught removing barks of Banaba trees on campus. The banaba trees in the Grade School area are in danger of dying because irresponsible persons have been removing barks for medicinal purposes. This is not allowed on campus.

Banaba trunks with bark extensively removed. University Physical Plant personnel are painting the trunks to protect the trees from vandals.

The community is requested to report to security persons removing barks of banaba trees.


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