A Workshop on
Positive Empowered
Parenting (PEP)

For parents and caregivers of teens 13 years old and above

The Pep-Teens Workshop Approach…….
One of the greatest joys in life is becoming a parent.And yet, it can also be one of the most challenging roles that parents are ever faced with. In these high-stressed times and surrounding complex environment, the demands and responsibilities of parenting seem to even be harder to fulfill.

Is there a better way to raise our teens?
CEFAM presents its PEP-TEENS WORKSHOP as an alternative approach to effective parenting.In this workshop, parents and other caregivers learn how to create more satisfying and productive relationships in the family.The program teaches specific and practical skills that parents need and will use in their daily interaction with their teens.After the workshop, parents need and will use in their daily interaction with their teens.After the workshop, parents may begin to feel more confident and capable to fulfill their roles as fathers and mothers.And, as they try out their new skills at home, they will hopefully be able to recapture and continue to enjoy this significant role which every parent truly values.


Talk 1: Building A Positive Relationship With Your Teen
Parents are often times baffled with their teen.Years back, these parents can probably claim to have had a relatively smooth parent-child relationship.But now that their child is a teen-ager, things seem to have changed.What makes your teen different?What makes him behave the way he does?What are his present concerns?Part I of this module presents an overview of adolescent development.Knowing this will enable parents to understand their teen better and be more sensitive to his basic needs at this stage in his life.

Talk 2: Communicating Effectively With Your Teen
Do you want to build friendship and intimacy with your teen?Effective communication is a basic ingredient in developing a good relationship between parent and teen.Do you want to be close to him?At the same time, do you want your child to understand you?These are some of the vital questions that will be answered in this module.Important parenting skills such as reflective listening, I-message, and problem-solving will be thoroughly discussed in this workshop.

Talk 3: How To Improve Your Child’s Teen’s-Esteem
Every parent wants his teen to grow up capable, confident, and able to achieve his full potential.How de we help him develop these qualities?This module will teach parents practical ways of helping their teen build his self-worth which is essential to a healthy personality.Through lectures and activities, parents will find out if they are nurturing or blocking the full development of their teen’s self-esteem.Concrete ways to rebuild a child’s low self-esteem will also be discussed.

Talk 4: Positive Ways to Discipline Your Teen
Do you have difficulties in disciplining your teen?However, in reality, effective discipline is one of the best ways for the teen to develop responsibility and decision-making skills.In this module, parents will learn practical ways of using positive discipline.With these suggestions, parents will discover that discipline need not cause unnecessary stress on both parent and teen.Special topics that parents are usually concerned with will also be briefly discussed in this module:sibling rivalry, developing social skills,schoolwork, boy-gril relationships, peer pressure, SDA (smoking, drugs, alcohol).

Lecture Presentations
Role-Playing Exercised and other experiential activities
Question and Answer Forum

Resource Persons……

Speakers are trained counselors/ psychologists from the CEFAM staff.The PEP-Teens Workshop is based on the U.S. program called Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) and has been adopted by CEFAM speakers to meet the needs of the Filipino family.

Two Consecutive Saturdays October 6 and 13, 2007

8:30 am 4:30 pm
The PEP-Teens Workshop is conducted in CEFAM two times a year.The entire workshop or portions of it (any of the individual topics) may be conducted for schools, corporations, and other organizations.

CEFAM Address

Center for Family Ministries (CEFAM)
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Q.C.
Tel. # 426-4289 to 92. or Ateneo local # 4803 or 4804

· P 2,000 per person
· P 3,600 per couple