E-Support for Governor Ed Panlilio

Dear Fellow Filipinos,

Good day to you!

Last October 13 , Governor Ed Panlilio of Pampanga came out to declare that he was given P 500,000.00 in cash which came from a Palace Staff Member in Malacanang. The money was allegedly given for baranggay projects and to support candidates for the upcoming baranggay elections. Since Gov. Panlilio's admission, there have been other local officials and congressmen who have admitted to receiving money from MalacaƱang as well. Up until today we still don't know where this money really came from.

But since then, Gov. Panlilio has been under fire because of doing the right thing. Right now, local officials in Pampanga led by Vice-Gov. Yeng Guiao are ganging up on him and marginalizing him by not respecting his authority as governor. Media Publications in Pampanga are even being used to destroy his credibility. If one looks at Gov. Panlilio's performance thus far in the less than 6 months that he has been in office, the results would speak for itself. He was able to raise the same amount of quarry taxes in less than 2 months compared to the former governor who raised the same amount in 1 year. Due to this, mayors and board members are now demanding part of this collection money and are blackmailing Gov. Panlilio by not passing important policies that will benefit the constituencies ofPampanga.

Isn't this a familiar refrain in our country? Someone does good and yet he is often punished for doing what is right? And worse, while this is happening many of us just turn a blind eye without doing anything. We just shrug it off and move on with our lives. It is no wonder why majority of our government leaders are becoming bolder and bolder in becoming corrupt since for them no one would dare complaint about it. In short, we deserve the kind of leaders that we have because we continue to do nothing despite the fact that we see that there is something wrong. And this is why I am writing to appeal to you right now, I'd like to ask for a few minutes of your time to send an email of support to Gov. Ed Panlilio, let us all tell him that we are behind him in his quest for the Truth. What is at stake here is not only the people of Pampanga but the nation as a whole. Gov. Ed exposed what has long been happening in MalacaƱang and now he is being punished for it. Will you do something about it?

*If yes, then please send an email of support to Gov. Ed Panlilio at wesupportgovpanlilio@gmail.com and please help us by forwarding this email to all your friends. We will print the emails that you send and giveit to Gov. Panlilio to show him that he is not alone in his quest for theTruth. Let us show the world that the Filipino people will not just allow another Good Man to fail and let evil prevail.*

Thank you for your time! May you have a pleasant day!


*Harvey S. Keh*
Director for Youth Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship
Ateneo de Manila University-School of Government