SITUATION REPORT - Monday, 12 November 2007

SITUATION REPORTMonday, 12 November 2007
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POWER: No special energy conservation measure is needed to control cost of electricity. Conscious and concerted efforts to turn off lights and equipment after work hours and classes will go a long way in reducing the rising cost of energy.

WATER: Quarterly cleaning of cisterns and overhead tanks is done based on the date designated by units affected. It is for this reason that it will take until 18 November to complete the cleaning of cisterns and overhead tanks in the three campuses.

Cleaning involves emptying the cistern of water and scrubbing of walls and floors.

Sewage Treatment Plant: A Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is required of the Ateneo. The only existing STP in the area is that put up by the Manila Water Company for the UP. The UP STP is centralized and is the model being proposed by MWC for Ateneo. The system is expensive in terms of initial costs, as well as in operations and maintenance.

Dr. Ma. Cecilia “Chil” G. Soriano, through her contacts introduced a US AID Environmental Cooperation–Asia Water Sanitation Specialist to Ateneo to help determine what may be suited and feasible for the Ateneo. The US AID specialists visited last Wednesday, 7 November. In addition to the UP STP system, they suggested for consideration a Decentralized Waste Water Sewage System (DWATS) may be suited for the Ateneo. Given the terrain and configuration of the Loyola Heights campus, the DWATS may be more suitable and also more feasible as the initial cost would be lower, as well as the cost of operation and maintenance. The recommendation will be formally given to Ateneo after they have looked at Ateneo’s existing system in detail.

SECURITY: Incidence of crime on campus and vicinity tends to increase towards Christmas. Given the previous years’ experience, the community is reminded to exercise more caution in the coming weeks.

Correction: The guard shown returning the laptop bag of a dormer in the Situation Report last week was not SG Narciso R Merana but SG NICHOLAS G ROMAN. SG NARCISO R MERANA was the guard at the Residence Hall who alerted the gate guards to intercept the taxi.

TRAFFIC: Accidents along Katipunan frequently occur at the U-Turn slots near Gate 2.5. The accidents are usually at the narrowest section of the area where five lanes become three lanes. The accident results when drivers do not observe road courtesy.

A truck and a sedan involved in an accident on the northbound lane of Katipunan under the footbridge near Gate 2.5.
The other most common type of accident is at the U-turn slot when again drivers do not follow traffic rules and road courtesy.

On campus, accidents frequently occur during the rush hours when the roads are congested. Disregard of traffic rules and road courtesy result in minor accidents.

Clearly the tricycle is at fault in cutting the sedan.

Traffic traditionally becomes heavier towards the Christmas season.

Dog Registration: As of Saturday, 10 November approximately seventy dogs have been registered with Campus security.

Last Friday afternoon, 9 November the High School conducted their Disaster Preparedness Program. The Quezon City Fire Department Volunteers were invited to conduct a lecture and demonstration on various aspects of disaster preparedness. The firemen showed their equipment and demonstrated rescue techniques.

High School boys before the lecture and demonstration of the Quezon City Fire Department volunteers at the High School Covered Courts.
Quezon City Fire Deparment Volunteers displaying their equipment.
Demonstration of equipment and various firemen rescue techniques.

MAINTENANCE: In preparation for the Christmas season, University Physical Plant personnel trim the acacia trees at the High School quadrangle where the Christmas lights are hung.

Trimming and clearing of cut branches at the High School.

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