Be the Student Panelist of MediaTalk@ADMU 3!!!


The Department of Communication is looking for a student representative for the upcoming
Media & Public Connection
January 30, 2008


Submit a one-page paper about your experiences with politics that have enabled or disabled your understanding with the Other. Include as well issues in politics that you may confront in the future.

Format: 1 inch margin on all sides, Arial, size 12, one page, single-spaced.
E-mail your papers to mailto:mediatalk.admu@yahoo.comon or before
January 23, 2008.

Don't forget to put in your name, ID number, year and course, and contact numbers. Wait for a notification e-mail that will say if you have been chosen to be the student panelist.
In this third seminar of MediaTalk@ADMU entitled, "Media and Public Connection," scholars from the Department of Communication dialogue with those who are implicated in the abovementioned issue: those who produce political media content, those who consume political media content, and those politically marginalized groups whom the media re-present. In their discussions, they shall try to examine how the media's treatment of those on the political margins enable/disable the active political engagement of the youth.