Da Video Code: Scholars in Motion

The School Board

of theSchool of Scienceand Engineeringbrings you

DA VIDEO CODE:Scholars in Motion

a video making challenge for the benefit of our less fortunate brothers and sisters in public high school

1. Registration
· Open to all School of Science and Engineering students of the Ateneo de Manila University.

· Each team should be composed of 5-7 members, with at least three members being scholars.

· Members of the team may come from different batches or courses (within SOSE).

· Only four teams will be allowed to join each general video category, namely:

a. Pure Sciences
(Physics, Physics-MSE, Physics-ACS, Chemistry, Chemistry-MSE, Chemistry-ACS, Biology)

b. Mathematics
(Math, AMF, AMC)

c. Health and Environment
(Health Sciences, Environmental Science)

d. Information Technology and Engineering
(Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Computer Engineering)

· Upon registering, each group should have submitted their storyboard with the following specifications:

a. ¼ Illustration Board
Frames must be divided into 3 columns. The group may make use of another board, shall the space be exceeded. (Estimate the frames for a video with a 1-minute duration.)

b. Chosen Video Category, Name of Group, Group Members
Indicate these on the black side of the board legibly. Make sure to label all boards properly, or your entry may be considered void.

· Teams will be required to attend the team-building session on February 2, 2007 in order to finalize entry into the video challenge. Approved storyboards will also be returned on that day.

2. The competition will be divided in to two parts:

a. Elimination Round
One video from each category will be chosen.

b. Final Round

One video from the Top 4 videos will be chosen as the winner.

3. Criteria for judging is as follows:
Clarity of Ideas 25%
Relevance to the Topic 25%
Creativity 20%
Appeal to the Audience 20%
Brevity 10%
TOTAL 100%

4. Prizes include the following:

a. For all participating teams
1 service hour credit (for scholars)

b. For the Top 4 Finalists
3 service hours credit (for scholars)

c. For the Over-all Winner
5 service hours credit (for scholars)
PhP 3,000 cash prize

For more details, visithttp://davideocode.multiply.com/