PMSA February Med Mission! Volunteer na! For members and non-members! :D

Kaye Lani Rea B. Locaylocay

I-BS Health Sciences
School of Science and Engineering
Ateneo de Manila University

Hey! Hey! Hey!
Its February,
time to spread the LOVE
February Medical Mission!
WHEN: February 24, 2008 SUNDAY
8 am - 3 pm
WHERE: SMDS parish, Kaingin-1 Quezon City

Nothing shows love more than saving lives!

So volunteer now!
Sign up at the PMSA board in EDSA walk!
Ask the PMSA representative in your block!

*this activity is OPEN to members and NON-members of PMSA*

For any questions, contact:
Janet Chavez - 09275106255
Jason Ramos - 09209534048