Science and Engineering Week

The School of Science and Engineering invites everyone to the
activities we have lined up for SOSE week - March 3-8:

March 3:
Poster Presentations by the Semi-finalists for the SOSE Awards for
Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Student Research - 4:30 pm, SEC
C Foyer.

The posters will be on exhibit until March 8.

March 4:
Oral Presentations by the Finalists for the SOSE Awards for Student
Research - 4:30 pm, PCI Bank Lecture Hall

March 5:
BPI-DOST Science Awards 2008
Our Awardees:
Cesare Mikhail R. Cejas - BS/MS Chemistry
Carole M. Loable - BS/MS Chemistry
Timothy James L. Yusun - BS Mathematics
Awarding ceremonies at 3:00 pm, Escaler Hall

March 7:
SOSE Awards for Outstanding Student Research - announcement of winners
and awarding ceremonies at 4:30 pm, Escaler Hall

March 8:
Open House for Accepted Freshmen, 8 am to 5 pm.
Plenary Sessions will be held in Leong Hall Auditorium